Why You Need to See The Idyllic Henderson Heritage Museum

When you are in the Western North Carolina mountains, history surrounds you. So many generations have shaped our area. Also, each has an interesting story to share with everyone. We at Orchard Inn are a part of that history with our B&B. It was once a summer getaway for the railroad employees. Our cool mountain air and beauty is still the perfect retreat. There are other places to enjoy our history. One is the Henderson Heritage Museum. Between the exhibits and the museum’s partners, you can enjoy the history of our area. Read on to see how you can spend some time at the Henderson Heritage Museum.

About the Henderson Heritage Museum

The Henderson Heritage Museum has been educating locals and visitors for many decades. Their goal is to capture, promote, and celebrate our history and culture. Also, to engage residents and visitors in preserving our history for many generations.

The museum partners with many other local and regional businesses and government organizations. This partnership helps not only residents but also each other. Some of those include other museums, libraries, and historical societies.

Visiting the Henderson Heritage Museum

Located in the Henderson County Courthouse, you will find the Henderson Heritage Museum. They are open Wednesdays- Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm and Sundays 1 pm to 5 pm.

The museum is about 2,000 sqft and is 6 rooms. Since history can be expressed in many ways, their exhibits take on many different forms.


Even though the museum may not be large, the staff has used every available space. Here are the exhibits that are featured now.

  1. Louise Howe Bailey Room  This room is focused on the 1940s until today. The exhibit is called “Let Freedom Ring.” A majority of it is centered on the many wars that have been fought in these short decades. There are videos and audio recordings of soldiers and sailors. Photos, uniforms, and more help complete the story.
  2. Champion Hills Club Room– This wonderful exhibit is a turn of the century country store. Enjoy the video of Mr. Shepard as he details the store’s past.
  3. Perry Rudnick Foundation Room– This room is focused on a part of our nation’s past that changed us forever, the Civil War. Explore the 1860’s, the uniforms, flags, and soldiers who fought.
  4. The Bo Thomas Room– One of the most important times in our North Carolina history is the start of the railroad. It allowed us to expand and others to enjoy our beautiful area.
  5. The Courthouse Room– The last room is on the 3rd floor of the Henderson Heritage Museum. A docent is there to help answer questions about this 1905 model of the courthouse.

When you decide to understand the history of our area, we suggest planning trips to not only this museum but it’s partners. They each have a specialty and when combined is an unbelievable story. Thinking of exploring our area? Consider staying with us at Orchard Inn.

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