Marianne Blazar

Chef MarianneBorn in the magical city of Vienna, home of the waltz and cozy cafes with wonderful desserts, Marianne Blazar learned to cook at age 5 by assisting her grandmother every day after school. She has been honing her culinary skills ever since, combining her passion for a healthy and nutritious diet with delicious cuisine. From Chef onboard a sailing charter boat in the Virgin Islands to Executive Chef at Newman’s Restaurant at the Orchard Inn for the past 5 years, Marianne does not let a single plate leave the kitchen which isn’t 100% perfect in every way.


Stuart Partin

Chef Stuart PartinStuart was born and raised in South Carolina and started cooking at a very young age.  He always loved traveling and spent the majority of his youth traveling through the Americas and Europe.  After graduating high school, Stuart moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and began really devoting himself to Culinary Arts.  He later returned to Culinary School at the University of South Carolina to receive his degree.  Stuart has spent the last 18 years of his life becoming a leader in his field.  He has always pushed himself to learn new techniques and recipes by studying the works of great icon chefs of the past and present.  Stuart started out as a corporate chef and soon became sullied by corporate food distribution and the total disconnect from the land and ingredients he was using.  He has spent the last several years building relationships with local farmers and really developing a deep love for foothills cuisine and local ingredients.  Cooking high-end cuisine is his passion and he loves to share his passion with people who are intrigued by genuinely creative foods.

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