Asheville’s Barnaroo Festival is Full of Music and Fun

One of the biggest draws to Asheville is our music. Fun and fresh, our local musicians take any genre and make it their own. From concerts, street artists, and even community drum circles, it fills every space of our area. Along with that, there are festivals to celebrate this central part of our culture. One newer annual festival is Barnaroo. Not to be confused with the Bonnaroo festival in Tennessee, Barnaroo is a weekend-long Asheville music fest that is a lot of fun for all ages. Let us show you how much fun you can have at Barnaroo and how they give back to the community.

About Barnaroo

This music festival was the brainchild of Andrew Scotchie and his friends. They were jealous that they couldn’t attend Bonnaroo because of their age. They then decided they would make their own music festival. So no one would feel left out, anyone of any age is welcome to Barnaroo.

The goal of the event is not only to have fun and hear amazing music but to give back to the community. All arts has to be cultivated in time. The only way to keep you art going is to help the coming generation. Through this festival, they hope to “showcase, promote and celebrate local and regional singer-songwriters and bands in the rock & roll, hard rock, folk, Americana, bluegrass and funk genres.”

2016 Barnaroo

This year’s music weekend will be held September 30th- October 2nd. As always, it is located at Franny’s Farm. This 18-acre organic farm is located in nearby Leicester.


  1. Youth (12 and under)- As we mentioned before, kids are welcome to Barnaroo. Their tickets are free. This is a great way to get kids involved in music.
  2. Day Pass- If you are only looking to spend one day at Barnaroo, you can purchase a day pass. They are $20 and grant you access to the festival for the day.
  3. Weekend Pass- This is for those of you who are looking to enjoy everything that Barnaroo has to offer. Weekend passes are $35. You can purchase these online to make it simple.

Music at Barnaroo

There will not only be amazing bands at Barnaroo but music from the Asheville Music School as well. Here are a few of the bands that will be featured.

  • Travelers Township
  • Folk Soul Revival
  • Goldie and the Screamers
  • Shivering Timbers
  • Porch 40
  • Andrew Scotchie and the River Rats
  • Danielle Howle

Giving Back: Asheville Music School

One of the main goals for Barnaroo is to be able to give back to the arts community. Proceeds from the festival go to the Asheville Music School. This helps fund the next few generations of musicians that we will love.

The Asheville Music School is truly amazing. They have a simple focus, help teach those who want to learn music. The school has classes in almost any type of instrument as well as several teachers in each instrument. They have expanded up to 400 students and continue to grow.

As you can see, not only will you have a great time at Barnaroo but you will be vital in keeping the arts alive in Asheville. Thinking of attending the festival? Consider staying with us at Orchard Inn. Our tranquil B&B will be the perfect respite after long days at the festival. We have rooms in our main house as well as 3 cottages to choose from. Many of our rooms have stunning mountain views as well as cozy amenities like fireplaces and jacuzzi tubs. Each morning you are with us, join everyone for a lovely breakfast before you start your day.