Asheville Brews Cruise: A Tour for the Thirsty

Asheville Brews Cruise in Asheville, NC, is a fun and exciting way to get to know Asheville’s local beer crafting scene! If you’re planning a vacation to Asheville and want more information about this popular brew tour, read more to learn about the history of craft beer, how Asheville Brews Cruise began, and information about other local businesses you can visit after yourĀ Asheville Brews Cruise tour!

The History of Craft Brewing and Asheville Brews Cruise Tours

Craft brewing dates to ancient times, but more recently, it regained interest when legalized. Beer enthusiasts started homebrewing and experimenting with different flavors and techniques. These small independent operations began gaining popularity in the 1970s and 80s, and they eventually grew to what it is today, with Asheville, NC, becoming a mecca for craft brew enthusiasts.

These craft breweries are typically small, independent endeavors that produce quality and unique beers in small batches and are known for continually innovating new flavors. Asheville Brews Cruise was born out of their love for touring these breweries and to create a fun way to connect others to the history and fun of locally crafted beer. Visitors can learn about the history, culture, and processes of craft brewing through their popular tours while sampling some of the unique flavors.

Asheville Brews Cruise Tours Begins

Asheville Brews CruiseĀ was founded in 2006 by Mark and Julie Lyons, who wanted to build a mobile tour experience to support the craft brewing community. The idea behind the company was to provide a unique and educational tour of the thriving craft beer scene in Asheville, North Carolina, which was beginning to gain national recognition at the time.

Asheville Brews Cruise Tours and Pricing

They offer a behind-the-scenes classic Walking Tour and Mobile Cruises for $65 per person. You’ll learn about different beer styles, the differences between different types of brews, and detailed information about the brewing process. Your knowledgeable Brews Cruise guide and the staff at the breweries you visit are friendly, fun, and eager to answer any questions you have about craft brewing and the breweries you visit.

You’ll also get twelve four-ounce beer samples throughout the tour, taking you to 3-4 breweries and returning to downtown Asheville where you can grab dinner, go sightseeing, and see other entertaining attractions. These popular tours are exciting and a fun way to get that local experience so many look for in their Asheville getaway!

And remember to pick a designated driver or rideshare before leaving for your tour.

Nearby Restaurants to Try After Your Asheville Brews Cruise Tour

After the tour, you can hit some of Asheville’s favorite restaurants that pair perfectly with your local brews. The first isĀ The Admiral. It is a perfect restaurant for those who like to order several dishes to share. There are too many delicious options on their menu to choose just one.

Next isĀ CĆŗrate, a Spanish tapas restaurant that will take your tastebuds on a phenomenal tour of Spain. Make sure you pair your meal with one of their excellent Spanish wines. For those looking for a casual yet fresh meal, check outĀ White Duck Taco Shop. They strive to make every taco to order using only the freshest, local ingredients.

The Best of Breweries and Other Similar Asheville Attractions

In addition to the Asheville Brews Cruise tour, there are other exciting and interestingĀ Asheville brewery toursĀ andĀ breweries in SaludaĀ to explore. Enjoy theĀ Highland Brewing Company, where you can tour their brewery and sample their beers. Or another great brewery to tour is theĀ Sierra Nevada Brewery Tour. It will take you behind the scenes to learn the craft brewing process and is a lot of fun.

In conclusion, Asheville and Saluda are unique places to vacation, with all the great breweries to visit. You can easily create a vacation itinerary to fill your time and enjoy local craft beers in Asheville.

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