Ways to Celebrate National Get Outdoors Day in Asheville

National Get Outdoors DayWe at Orchard Inn have talked about many times all of the amazing things to do here, especially outdoor activities. All year, there is always some way to enjoy our stunning nature and to be active. We are so excited to be a part of National Get Outdoors Day. In Asheville, there will be so many fun things to do. Even if you don’t want to be a part of the celebration, we can recommend some great activities to ensure you have a fun and active day for National Get Outdoors Day.

First, let’s go a little in depth more about what National Get Outdoors Day is all about. This June 13th will mark the 8th annual National Get Outdoors Day. Lasting all day, this nation wide event encourages everyone, especially children, to spend this day outside doing fun and active things. The National Get Outdoors Day is also a perfect day to teach children how to do a certain outdoor activity, like fishing or geocaching. These memories will be something that they can hold onto forever and could ignite a passion for life. Take your kids to our local parks and forests here in the Western North Carolina mountains and show them how much fun it can be outside.

There are two locations in Asheville that will celebrate National Get Outdoors Day on June 13th. The first is The Cradle of Forestry. Located in nearby Pisgah Forest, The Cradle of Forestry puts conservation of forests at the top of it’s priorities. They have 6,500 acres of forest to call home and have been working hard since the days of the building of the Vanderbilt Estate to restore the forest to it’s lush early days. On National Get Outdoors Day, The Cradle of Forestry will have free admission to it’s acres. They will also have many staff on hand that day to help teach some necessary outdoor skills as well as some fascinating outdoor demonstrations. Along with that, go out and explore all of their amazing trails and other great activities.

Another great place to explore for National Get Outdoors Day is to head over to Chimney Rock State Park. Chimney Rock State Park is home to not only the great Chimney Rock but also so many beautiful things to see. In June the wildflowers are in bloom and it will amaze you to see how many different kinds of flowers can bloom in just one place. Be sure to bring your camera, as well as some binoculars and go birding. There are all types of different birds that you will find here at Chimney Rock State Park. On National Get Outdoors Day at Chimney Rock, they will offer some amazing guided tours, free of charge, as well as some great kid’s activities. Plan on spending your evening at Chimney Rock State Park on National Get Outdoors Day as well. That night they will host their annual Movie on the Meadows. Bring some chairs, or a blanket, and enjoy a fantastic movie outside. Check back closer to the date for more information.

When you have fun nation wide events like National Get Outdoors Day, it’s easy to see why a beautiful place like Asheville would want to get involved. When you decide to come for National Get Outdoors Day, consider staying with us at The Orchard Inn. Our views of nearby mountains will inspire you to want to get outside and stay there. Our cozy rooms and cottages are waiting for you to rest and relax after a fun day enjoying National Get Outdoors Day. Each morning you wake with us, enjoy a bountiful homemade breakfast made fresh by our chefs that will give you more than enough fuel to tackle any activity the day brings you. Contact our fantastic staff today and let us help you plan a great itinerary for National Get Outdoors Day.

Photo by: Kolin Toney