Western NC Farmers Market in Saluda

NC farmers marketIf you love amazing fresh food then summer is most likely your favorite time of year. Along with summer comes the annual opening of farmer’s markets. These local stalls are bursting with sights and smells that will not only make you hungry but also leave you wanting to cook a huge fresh meal for family and friends. There isn’t anything better than eating an amazing meal outside with the sun setting in the background, and having the sounds of dragonflies and bumblebees and hours of conversation fill your night and make a lasting memory. There are some outstanding NC farmers markets in and around the Saluda area that help feed not only their own families but as many people as they can.

There are many advantages for eating fresh, local food. It gets you excited about where food comes from and how it can be turned into something delicious. Local food also tastes fresher. You may not know this but the food in your supermarket can take days or even weeks to get to where you live. Local food also helps local businesses. It creates local jobs that helps your neighbors and creates a community around the farmer and food. While you will not be able to find everything on your grocery list at a NC farmers market, it is a wonderful place to take your family and get some fresh produce. If you have any left over, make sure you read up on how to store it in your freezer or how to can it so you can enjoy local food year round! Something to remember about these types of markets is that they are usually open once a week and are usually open for just the season. Let’s check out three local NC farmers markets and what delectable foods they offer.

The first Western NC farmers market is in Saluda and is called the Saluda Tailgate Market. This market has food vendors from all over the region and they have produce, meat, eggs, baked goods and flowers. Located at West Main Street in Saluda, the Saluda Tailgate Market is open every Friday from 4:30pm-6:30pm and runs from April to October.

Next on our list of local is a NC farmers market located just a short 15 minute drive from Saluda, the Tryon Farmer’s Market. This one features local and regional farmers. It runs from May through October and is open on Thursdays from 4pm-6:30pm. This farmers market is known for their fruits, vegetables, meat, plants and crafts.

Last on our list of local markets is one located in Columbus, NC, which is also a 15 minute drive from Saluda, and is called Columbus Tailgate Market and this NC farmers market is the largest of the three. The market hosts over 40 vendors from Polk County.  Like the others, this NC farmers market showcases fruit, vegetables, meat, honey, crafts and baked goods. The market runs from April to November and is open the 2nd Saturday of every month from 8am to 12pm.

While out enjoying your local NC farmers market, you will most likely run into a neighbor or friend. Perhaps you will make a new one while deciding which tomato would be the best in your mom’s secret spaghetti sauce recipe. One person that you will most likely see while you are out is the owner and chef from Saluda’s local Orchard Inn. This charming western North Carolina bed and breakfast is an amazing spot for locals and travelers alike. Make sure you ask her about her fresh summer menu and call for not only a dinner reservation but make sure you book one of their tranquil rooms today!

Photo by: chucka_nc