4 Asheville Music Venues That Guarantee a Fun Time

For a lot of us, music is a way into our soul. The same song can speak to us in different ways at different times in our life. We feel so grateful that we live near such an amazing town that hosts many fun concerts. While tastes in music vary from person to person, one thing we all can agree on is that when we go to any of these Asheville music venues, we will have an amazing time. Let’s have a look at some of these spots you will find live music in Asheville NC

The Orange Peel

If you are looking for a great time, then look no further than The Orange Peel. They host fantastic Asheville concerts and other events that will appeal to many. Some of the types of bands they have coming in the next month or so are blue grass, folk, a DJ, and much more. If you happen to be in town, be sure to check out The Orange Peel to see what they have going on. The tickets for their shows are always reasonably priced and you will be able to see when you look at their calendar that they enjoy keeping busy with new bands multiple times a week. They are also known for having other events as well like movie showings, comedians and more.

Asheville Music Hall

When it comes to a great time, there isn’t a party quite like one at Asheville Music Hall. When you check out live music at this Asheville venue, you can be sure to have a great time. They have a weekly rotation of events that you can choose from as well as some special events as well. Usually, their events are free which is always nice and they also feature a kitchen serving food until 2 am. So if you are looking for a one-stop shop for food, drink specials, and music then be sure to consider Asheville Music Hall as one of the stops on your tour of Asheville music venues.

New Mountain AVL

We are sure that many of you know that when it comes to Asheville, we are very environmentally conscious. It’s hard not to be when you are surrounded by such beauty in the area. This awareness also trickles down to these local Asheville music venues, especially New Mountain. Not only do they host a multitude of events but at their core, they want to do the best that they can not only for the community but for the environment as well. Their events are a mix of weekly and special occasions and can be for adults or kids as well. Tickets are usually reasonably priced or sometimes free!

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