Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Hot Spots

When you think about the Western North Carolina mountains, most think about camping and hiking. However, one slightly untapped fun activity is Western North Carolina fly fishing. There is nothing like the thrill of catching something that you can eat. Couple that with the quietness of the outdoors and the relaxing rhythmic motions of your line flicking over the water, you will be quickly hooked and will want to spend every weekend on one of the many rivers that encompass the heaven that is Western North Carolina fly fishing

Everything You Need to Know About Western North Carolina Fly Fishing

What to Do Before You Go

Western North Carolina is one of the only places in the United States that actually has a fly fishing trail. Before you embark on this adventure, make sure you stop by a local North Carolina fly and tackle store and pick up your fishing license. You will not be able to put a lure in the water without one.

Explore the Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail

North Carolina is paradise to the avid fisherman! Here are some highlights from the 15 fishing spots found on the Western NC Fly Fishing Trail.

First up is a collection of small streams including Moses Creek, Mull Creek, Rough Butt Creek, Chastine Creek, and Piney Mountain Creek. These creeks have 2 types of fish which are Brook and Rainbow. They are usually plenty to find in these creeks. One interesting thing about these streams is that they are near some waterfalls which will make your trip here beautiful.

Next is Tanasee Creek which can be accessed by Tanasee Creek Road. People usually find Brown trout here and they can be varied in size but usually plentiful in numbers. This creek goes along a gorgeous bit of the Nantahala National Forest.

Raven Fork is another wonderful place to go fishing; however, be aware that this is a catch-and-release spot. You will also need a Cherokee annual permit as well as a daily permit to fish here. When you do fish here, you will find good sized Golden, Rainbow, Brown, Brook, and Donaldson trout. 

A few miles south of Cashiers, this next Western North Carolina fly fishing spot is Whitewater River. Brook, Brown, and Rainbow trout dominate these waters and while you are here, check out Whitewater Falls, the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi.

Next is Caney Fork which is about 10 miles away from the East Laporte Park. The fish found in this river are typically Rainbow, Brown, and sometimes Brook trout. One word of caution for this river, make sure you stay to public lands. There are several private landowners along the river.

Last is Panthertown Creek. This 3-mile stream is a catch and release, single hook, and artificial lure spot. Brook trout roam these waters and there are usually plenty of them. You can get to Panthertown Creek by driving to the end of Breedlove Road but be warned, there is a 2-mile trek to the creek, so pack light.

Come Stay in the Best Accommodations in Western North Carolina

After you have packed your gear and figured out which streams you want to fish in, complete your Western North Carolina fly fishing adventure with a cozy place to stay. Nestled near all of the streams on the trail is The Orchard Inn. This beautiful B&B is an ideal location to refuel in between cast-offs. The in-house chef, as well as innkeeper, will help you come up with multiple ways to cook your fish. You can regale family and friends with stories of how you caught the delicious meal they are about to eat.

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