How to Celebrate this New Year’s Eve in Asheville, NC, to the Fullest!

Are you and your sweetheart craving something different to do together this New Year’s Eve? This year, treat yourself to the most magical New Year’s Eve ever by visiting Asheville, North Carolina, one of the most romantic destinations in the country! This area is not only filled with gorgeous scenery, but it also offers numerous things to do to celebrate the beginning of a new year together. Whether you want to have an exciting attending a festive party or simply want to spend a quiet evening together, you will find the perfect activity in Asheville, NC. The two of you will never forget a trip to this amazing spot, so start planning a memorable trip to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Asheville, NC! 

4 of the Best Ways to Have a Wonderful New Year’s Eve in Asheville, NC

1. Enjoy a Beautiful Hike

One of the most popular things to do here is to go hiking. It is not only full of adventure but also romantic as well. The first of the trails we would like to point out is Linville Falls. This area is off of the Blue Ridge Parkway and about 60 miles north of Asheville. There are 5 viewpoints that you can hike to and each of them is stunning. One of them is considered strenuous, but the rest of them are an average hike. Be sure to bring your camera as these falls need to be remembered. Our next trail that we want to highlight is The Appalachian Trail. It’s not every day that you can hike and enjoy such a famous trail. There are many trailheads that go off of the Appalachian Trail, so be sure to have a look at all of the options. If you are wanting to hike but stay in town, then consider taking a stroll along Asheville’s Urban Trail. This is an easy 1.7-mile walk that takes you throughout Asheville and has interesting stops and statues along the way. This is a self-guided tour that has a total of 30 points of interest along the way.

2. Experience the Amazing Asheville Brewery Scene

If you are interested in craft beer then our area has a lot to offer you. A great way to spend your New Years Eve in Asheville is to book a brewery tour with BREW-ed. The host is insightful and very knowledge about not only beer and the breweries but also Asheville’s history. You can choose from 2 breweries or 3 and not only have a great time tasting beer but also have a great walk in Asheville as well.

3. Explore the Magnificent Biltmore Estate

Nothing is more elegant than a tour of the Biltmore on New Year’s Eve. At the Biltmore, you can get a little bit of everything that Asheville has to offer. You can experience history, elegance, beer and wine, trails, and much more. When you book a trip to the Biltmore, we suggest blocking off some time to not only explore the home but the grounds as well. They have their own hiking trails for you to walk on as well as tours that focus on the grounds. During this time of year, they will still have their Christmas decorations up so you will get to enjoy that as well.

4. Spend New Year’s Eve with Us at the Orchard Inn!

One of the best ways to celebrate New Years Eve in Asheville, NC, is to stay with us at Orchard Inn! Each New Years Eve, we host a decadent 7-course dinner and gala to start the new year off right. The night begins with hors d’oeuvres at 7 pm and then dinner at 8 pm. Raise a glass to 2017 with a complimentary glass of French champagne. The dress is black tie optional, and be sure to gather with the rest of the group to watch the ball drop at midnight! This is bound to be a fun and enjoyable party, so check our availability and book your stay at the Orchard Inn today!