We Know the Best Saluda, NC, Staycation!

We get it– planning a vacation in a new place is hard. You need to figure out transportation, car rentals, things to do… the list goes on and on. That’s not the case with a staycation! Enjoy all the activities your area offers while treating yourself to an incredible lodging experience when you stay locally. If you’re looking for a Saluda, NC, staycation, look no further than Orchard Inn!

Benefits of a Staycation 

Consider a staycation this year! There are tons of benefits, but here are some of our top reasons you should staycation at Orchard Inn: 

  • You’ll save money! You don’t have to worry about purchasing expensive plane tickets or renting a car. All you need to worry about is enjoying yourself. 
  • You can vacation on your own time. Have you ever heard the expression “I need a vacation from my vacation?” That’s not the case with a staycation! Your trip is scheduled on your own time, so you won’t have to rush to pack or be on a strict schedule. 
  • You can find some local hidden gems. Isn’t it strange that there is so much we have never experienced in our own backyard? Now is your chance!

3 Reasons Why Orchard Inn Is the Best Saluda, NC, Staycation 

1. Stunning Views

How often do you get to gaze out over stunning mountain views for hours at a time? It’s pretty rare on a day-to-day basis, but it’s our every day at Orchard Inn! During your stay, it’s easy to find a cozy spot to curl up in and enjoy that book you’ve been meaning to start. Grab a cup of coffee from our coffee bar and enjoy the view any time you’d like. 

2. You Can Relax at Our Onsite Spa

Imagine having an incredible spa experience right at your fingertips. The Spa at Orchard Inn is located right on site! Indulge in a relaxing massage or facial and feel your stress melt away. Every vacation should be relaxing, and so should a staycation!

3. Treat Yourself to a Farm to Table Dinner

Take this time to treat yourself! Head to a restaurant you normally wouldn’t like the famous Rhubarb in Asheville or opt to dine at our farm-to-table restaurant, Newman’s. We use only the freshest ingredients available, and our menu changes weekly to showcase what’s in season. 

Book Your Saluda, NC, Staycation Today

Whether you’re looking to stay at Orchard Inn or would like to schedule a spa treatment or dinner reservation as a local, you are always welcome! Even though you’re not traveling far, our mountaintop retreat feels like a whole other world. Browse our accommodations to start planning your getaway. Book your Saluda, NC, staycation today!