Have a Blast Zip Lining in NC

zip lining in NCWhile planning a trip, some of us love to sit back, relax, and not do a lot. Usually just going by our own rhythm for a few days is enough of a vacation in itself. However, there are some of us who take our vacation time and seek out adventures that we can’t partake of on a regular basis. Fortunately for you, when you come to see us at Orchard Inn in the Western NC mountains, there is something for both types of travelers. One amazing adventure is to go zip lining in NC. There are a few great companies to check out, all with different zip line tours perfect for you.

The first company we want to highlight that has zip lining in NC is right here in Saluda, The Gorge. They have one tour, their zip line canopy tour that will show you so much of our gorgeous mountains. Their tour is 3.5 hours and offers not only multiple zip lines but a sky bridge and 3 rappels. From start to finish, you will drop an impressive 1,100 vertical feet so you will get to see a lot of different views and angles while on your zip line treetop tour. Prices for tours are $95 per person.

Our next company offering zip lining is in Asheville, Navitat. They offer 3 different tours, all worth the adventure you will have while you are there. The first is the Blue Ridge Experience. This one is perfect for those who are in North Carolina with family or friends. They have 3 different lines where you can zip alongside them or even race. While you are on the line, enjoy the unparalleled views of the mountains. This line is the longest at an impressive 2/3 mile. This tour is $89 per person. Their next tour is Moody Cove Adventure. This tour lasts 3.5 hours and is perfect for first timers who are looking for a thrill. This is their original tour and you will enjoy going through Moody Cove. This tour is $99 per person. Their last tour is The Ultimate and combines both of these tours for $159 per person. Not only will you save a bit of money when you book this tour but you will get to have a long, and beautiful trip in our NC mountains.

The last company offering zip lining in NC is Zipline Canopy Tours. This company is perfect for those in groups, especially if any of them are children. Their tours offer a different side of Asheville where not only will you get to see trees that are older than we are but also views of downtown Asheville that are unbeatable. There are 11 zip lines as well as 9 treetop platforms and 3 sky bridges. Be sure to check out their other offers like their Kid Zip, Adventure Park, and others. Tours are $89 (18+) and $69 (under 18). 

When you combine these amazing zip line tours along with our other fantastic area activities, you are sure to have an adventurous vacation filled with memories. We at Orchard Inn hope that our quick guide of Asheville-area companies that offer zip lining and also hope that when you do come to the mountains, you will consider staying with us. Our beautiful B&B is located in Saluda and is the perfect jumping off point for your stay here. We have rooms inside the main house as well as some cottages available for those who enjoy a bit more space and privacy. Each morning with us starts with a hearty breakfast made each morning by our talented chefs. Each night, fall asleep peacefully among the mountains. Contact us today to book a room for your for your next zip lining in NC adventure.

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Photo by Leonora Enking