Discover the Rich History of Gold Mining in North Carolina

As many of us know from our US history classes as kids, that there is a lot of gold to be found in the land. During those history classes, you may have learned a lot of it came from California and was found during the mid-1800’s but there can be lots of gold found in other parts of the country, including right here in the Western North Carolina mountains. We at Orchard Inn love helping our guests find fun things to do while they are here, including a trip to go gold mining in North Carolina. Check out all of the amazing places near us where you can go gold mining.

The first of the places where you can go gold mining in North Carolina is Thermal City Gold Mine. The Thermal City Gold Mine is off of 221 and takes about 50 minutes to get there. You can go gem mining as well as gold prospecting while at Thermal City. All of their sites are covered so no matter what the weather, you will be able to participate. There have been many discoveries when you go gem and gold prospecting in North Carolina. Some of the gems found here have been moonstone, emerald, citrine, ruby, and more. If you love to go gold mining, the Thermal City Gold Mine also has supplies for sale too. When you do go gold mining and find some gems, they will be happy to identify them for you. While you are there be sure to have a look at their Rock Shop and Mineral Museum and see what’s on display.

Next up for places to go gold prospecting in North Carolina is Lucky Strike Gold and Gem Mine which is located about an hour away in Marion, NC. Lucky Strike is a fun and simple gold mining operation where it’s all about enjoying being outdoors. To go gold prospecting here all it will cost you only $5 and you can keep everything you find! Enjoy a day on the Second Broad River. Afterward head over to the Miners Diner and enjoy a snack or some lunch. If the weather is less than desirable then consider going gem mining. At Lucky Strike, it’s covered and you can still enjoy your day.

The last of our top picks for gold mining in North Carolina is Emerald Village located in Spruce Pine, NC. This is the furthest away from us and takes about an hour and a half to get to. They have so many fun and amazing things to do while you are there. Of course, you can go gem mining and gold prospecting but also while you are there have a look at their other exhibits. Some of those include their mining museum, Discovery Mill Building, and their Crabtree Emerald Mine. Also, be sure to sign up for their Blacklight Mine Tour which takes you on a mine tour at night and shows you something you have never seen before.

As you can see, when you choose to go gold mining in North Carolina, you can have a great time. When you do decide to come to the beautiful Western North Carolina mountains we hope that you will consider staying with us at Orchard Inn. Our B&B is located in Saluda, NC and has amazing mountain views from our dining room as well as our rooms. Each morning enjoy a delicious and homemade breakfast prepared by our chefs and then go and enjoy your day. While there are many places to eat dinner here in North Carolina, we hope that you will set aside at least one dinner with us at our in-house restaurant Newman’s. Our chefs take great care to use local products and rotate the menus out frequently as to always have fun and interesting dishes. Contact us today and book a fun trip to see us at Orchard Inn in the Western North Carolina mountains!