3 of the Best Asheville Moonshine Distilleries You Need to Tour

When you think of drinking in Asheville, North Carolina, you probably think of the plethora of craft beer from their outstanding breweries. But did you know that there are plenty of amazing Asheville moonshine distilleries, too? When most people hear “moonshine,” they picture Prohibition-era mountain men dodging the law in the backwoods of our mountains. That’s not the case in Western North Carolina! Tour these distilleries during your stay at Orchard Inn and try out some samples. 

Visit These Delicious Distilleries in Asheville

1. Climax Moonshine

Dubbed the “drink of defiance,” moonshine is often made by distillers that match the spunky characteristics of their product. At Climax Moonshine in Asheville, that spunky distiller is Tim Smith. After beginning his moonshining career in Climax, VA, he has brought his self-proclaimed disregard for authority to the mountains of Western North Carolina. Here, this distillery uses the surrounding creeks and spring water sources to produce its product. This outstanding water is the most prized ingredient in moonshine distilling! If you’d like to tour and taste, you can visit the Belmont Farm Distillery and see it all happen.

2. Howling Moon Distillery

Howling Moon Distillery is one of our favorite Asheville moonshine distilleries because of its focus on history. The founders of Howling Moon can actually trace back their moonshining heritage in the Western North Carolina mountains back for several generations! They take the knowledge that has been passed down over the years to make some of the best moonshine you have ever had. Plus, they use a recipe that is true to the ingredients and methods of their ancestors. If you’re interested in hearing about this history for yourself, be sure to contact them and set up a tour.

Local tip: Make sure you get a bottle of two of their moonshine before you leave! It is only sold in North Carolina.

3. Asheville Distilling Company

If you’d like to try a variety of local Asheville liquors, head to Asheville Distilling Company. Here, you will find moonshine, whiskey, and bourbon! On Friday and Saturday nights, you can tour the distillery and sample each of the spirits they produce. The moonshine, Troy & Son’s Platinum, is made using pure spring water from the Western North Carolina mountains and Crooked Creek Corn, an open-pollinated white heirloom corn. Made in small batches to ensure the best flavor, Asheville Distilling Company produces some of the best spirits in the area!

Start Planning Your Asheville Moonshine Distilleries Trip!

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