4 Cultural Things to Do in Downtown Asheville

There are certain places in the country where you will be entranced with amazing cultural things to do. When you think of areas like this the first places that come to mind are New York City, London, Paris, Los Angeles, and many more. For those of you who are unaware, Asheville has over the years steadily risen in terms of cultural things to do and in turn more people love visiting us for that reason. Along with that shift, there has been a rise in amazing places to eat, a huge jump in local breweries, and an upward swing of trips to this amazing place. For our visitors at The Orchard Inn who love to find cultural things to do in downtown Asheville, here is a list of things we normally recommend to them.

Pack Place: Located in the heart of the cultural district, Pack Place offers something fun and diverse in our list of things to do in downtown Asheville. This one place houses so many fun activities. Inside you will find the Asheville Art Museum, Colburn Earth Science Museum, Diana Wortham Theater, and YMI Cultural Center. All of these amazing places offer you endless hours of discovery and entertainment without too much walking. Be sure to visit each and every one of these fantastic museums and theaters for a truly wonderful day.

The North Carolina Arboretum: If you are looking to be inspired by the beauty of nature, there is no better place than the Arboretum. Not only do they have many varieties of plants and flowers for you to enjoy they also have some of the most beautiful walking trails around and makes this very popular in our things to do in downtown Asheville. If you are looking to learn a little more while you are there, they have many indoor and outdoor exhibits full of useful information. Also, be sure to check out their guided walking tours to get questions answered about all of the different plants and trees you see.

The Altamont Theater: Dubbed “Asheville’s Best Listening Room” it’s easy to see why this is on our list of things to do in downtown Asheville. Performers of all types play here and is truly one of the best places to see a performance. Right now, they have an amazing artist, Melanie Norris, on display in their gallery. Her art shows the wide range of emotions that can be felt by all of us. In her sessions, she strives to get deeper and connect with not only the emotion being felt but the soul as well. This is a stop on your cultural tour that should not be missed.

Sunday Jazz Brunch at Burial Beer Co.: Here in the South, as well as many other places, we enjoy our brunch. A celebrated opportunity to sleep in and then have delicious drinks and food is always a fantastic event. At Burial Beer Co., you will get amazing food, local delicious beers, and enjoy one of the best genres of music, jazz. This happens every Sunday so it is one of our things to do in downtown Asheville that you can enjoy with each visit.

Coming to a smaller town in Western North Carolina doesn’t mean that you will miss out on culture. We love celebrating our culture and what makes us unique, as made evident by all of the fun things to do in downtown Asheville. When we have visitors to the area, we enjoy having them come stay with us at The Orchard Inn. Our beautiful B&B is full of classic charm everywhere from the main sitting area to each of our rooms and cottages. While relaxing with us, feel free to read one of our many displayed books on the history of our area. Contact our amazing staff today to make a plan to visit us and enjoy all of the cultural things to do in downtown Asheville.