Western NC Packing List for any Time of Year

Western North Carolina is one of the most beautiful regions of the US to visit, and it just so happens to offer some pretty diverse weather throughout the year. There’s a decent chance if you’ve never visited before, it can beat your expectations for how cold and how hot it can get, so preparation is important. Here’s your Western NC packing list so you know exactly what you’ll need to stay comfortable throughout the year!  

4 Seasons’ Western NC Packing List

The most important thing to keep in mind when creating your packing list is to know what kind of activities you will enjoy while on vacation. The packing list below is created for guests of Orchard Inn; our mountain town offers outdoor activities as well as indoors. 

Fall or Winter Getaway

During the colder months, the key to staying warm is wearing layers! While our winter temperatures are mild at Orchard Inn, hikes to higher elevations can get very cold. The rule of thumb is that the temperatures will drop an average of 3.5 degrees for every 1,000 feet you gain in elevation. So, if you’re at the top of the Blue Ridge Mountains, some thermal undergarments might come in handy! 

When you hit the town, you won’t want to be too bundled up if you’re frequently switching between indoors and outdoors as you explore Saluda. Beyond your base layer, long pants or jeans, thick socks, and gloves or mittens go a long way in keeping you warm. The most important pieces to remember are a warm hat and sweater or fleece pullover! You lose most of the heat from your body through your head and keeping your torso warm will help tremendously in providing warmth to the rest of your body. 

Spring or Summer Getaway

In spring and summer, weather in Western NC reaches lows of mid 40s and highs of mid 80s. Even though it starts to warm up, don’t forget it will get chilly in higher elevations. Especially in the later months of spring, you will be comfortable walking around in some long pants, long sleeve shirt, and maybe a light pullover like a flannel. There are more days with rain in the spring months, however, so come prepared with a raincoat, umbrella, or both! 

Once it starts to really heat up in summertime, you’ll feel comfortable walking around town or taking a stroll through the woods in some shorts and a T-shirt. If you’re planning on getting out onto the water, make sure you are wearing and reapply sunscreen. Finally (and perhaps most importantly), drink lots of water! It will serve you well do bring a large reusable water bottle with you on vacation so that you can stay hydrated and prevent heat exhaustion. 

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