Discover 9 Fabulous Things to Do in Pisgah National Forest

With its sprawling landscapes, cascading waterfalls, and diverse wildlife, it’s no wonder many are drawn to explore the myriad of¬†things to do in Pisgah National Forest. Nestled near Asheville, NC, the Pisgah National Forest is a wonderland for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or a family looking for a weekend getaway, Pisgah has something for everyone.


9 Fun Things to Do in Pisgah National Forest

1. Scenic Drives: The Blue Ridge Parkway

A scenic drive on this parkway is one of the most iconic¬†things to do in Pisgah National Forest. It is often referred to as “America’s Favorite Drive,” this scenic route offers breathtaking views of the landscapes and is a must-visit for anyone in the area.

2. Hiking Trails: Exploration on Foot

For those who prefer to explore on foot,¬†Pisgah¬†boasts miles of hiking trails suitable for all levels. Whether you’re trekking to the summit of a mountain or wandering through lush valleys, there’s a trail just waiting to be discovered. And if you love hiking, check out our blog about other¬†state parks¬†worth visiting!

3. Waterfalls: Nature’s Cascading Marvels

The mesmerizing beauty of Looking Glass Falls and Sliding Rock are just two of the many waterfalls that adorn Pisgah. Their powerful cascades and serene surroundings make them a favorite among visitors.

4. Fishing: A Relaxing Getaway

The clear¬†waters of Pisgah¬†are a dream come true for anglers. With various¬†freshwater fish, it’s a peaceful way to connect with nature.

5. Biking: Pathways of Adrenaline

Mountain biking enthusiasts will find Pisgah’s rugged terrains exhilarating. The forest’s trails offer challenges and thrills for¬†bikers¬†of all skill levels.

6. Wildlife Watching: Nature’s Spectacle

Pisgah is teeming with wildlife. Nature enthusiasts will find many things to marvel at, from graceful deer to many bird species.

7. Picnicking: A Meal in Nature

Pack a picnic for a relaxed day out and enjoy Pisgah’s serene ambiance. The forest’s designated picnic areas are perfect for a family outing.

8. Rock Climbing: Scaling New Heights

Adventurous souls can try their hand at¬†rock climbing in Pisgah. With its challenging rock faces, it’s an activity that promises thrills and excitement.

9. Ranger-led Programs: Learning in the Wild

Enhance your forest experience with programs led by expert rangers. These sessions are both informative and fun, making them perfect for families. Check out Cradle of Forestry to get started!

In conclusion, Pisgah National Forest, located close to Asheville, NC, is a treasure trove of outdoor activities. From leisurely picnics to adrenaline-pumping rock climbing, it caters to every kind of nature enthusiast. For more insights on Western NC, check out our blog about things to do in the Asheville area.

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