Test Your Road Skills at the BMW Performance Driving School

 BMW Performance Driving SchoolWe all love a thrill! For some, it can be something as small as a fun drive or going on a exciting roller coaster. However, for some, there is nothing that can compare to being behind the wheel of a fast car. There is something about the roar and hum of the engine, the world around you zipping by, and knowing that you have to be on top of your game and make split second decisions. For those of you who love fast cars, when you come stay with us at Orchard Inn, you have to take a quick drive to the BMW Performance Driving School. Let us inform you all about the BMW Performance Driving School and what you can expect when you sign up for a drive.

If you aren’t familiar with the area, we are located about 45 minutes away from the BMW Performance Driving School. It is located in the Greenville/Spartanburg area in upstate South Carolina. It is also the home of the BMW factory so while you are there you can get a good idea of how these iconic cars are made.

Before you book your drive at the BMW Performance Driving School, you should check out your options. The first option is their Driver’s Program. This will help adults become safer drivers. You will be taught how to quickly asses driving conditions and what you can do to help prevent an accident. If you choose the Driver’s Program, you can either pick a one day class or a two day class. Either are amazing programs, its all about how much time you can spend there. However, if you do choose the two day school, you will get to experience more of the cars. If you want to start your teen off right when it comes to driving safely, then be sure to sign them up for BMW Performance Driving School’s Teen School. As with the other driving programs, you have a choice between one day and two. This is a great way to help your teen be taught how to drive a car safely. Not only will they go over parking and focus but they also concentrate on real world situations so they will know how to handle them. For those of you who love a challenge then the M-School is for you. This is where you get to experience the faster cars and work on techniques that professional drivers use. The options within this school is either a one or two day M-course, an advanced M-course, or a day of driving and golf. This is not for the faint of heart, you will practice drifting and have laps as well.

The BMW Performance Driving School isn’t just for cars, the instructors love having motorcycle enthusiasts as well. They have their motorcycle school available too. You can choose between an on-road or off-road class. They one requirement is that you know how to ride a motorcycle and have a license to drive one. Be sure to bring all of your gear, helmet and protective wear as well. When you choose a motorcycle class, you will be taught how to ride more effectively and how to handle sticky situations you may encounter while on the road.

It’s easy to see why so many people love visiting the Saluda area, we have so many fun things to do around us! After a long day on the track, be sure to spend your nights with us at Orchard Inn. Our wonderful service and cozy rooms will complete what will be an amazing trip. We know that you will be hungry so skip leaving the inn and come have dinner with us at our in-house restaurant, Newman’s. Our chef uses some of the best local ingredients with care and love all to please the eye and the belly. After booking a class with the BMW Performance Driving School, contact our fantastic staff to book a room with us.

Photo by: Josh Hallett