3 of The Best Reasons to Go to The Haunted Farm in Hendersonville, NC

If the start of the autumn season has you looking for haunted trails, spooky stories, and hair-raising attractions, you need to go to the Haunted Farm in Hendersonville, NC. Just 15-minutes outside of Asheville, you won’t find any real haunted farms in the area, but after a visit to “western North Carolina’s scariest attraction,” you just might wish you had. The Haunted Farm in Hendersonville, NC dares you to try to navigate through 50 minutes of terror. Along the way, you’ll come face to face with blood-curdling sights, horrific special effects, and all the stuff of nightmares.

1. The Haunted Farm is Three Attractions in One

Typically, a scary Halloween attraction is just a haunted house, trail, or hayride. At the Haunted Farm, however, you’ll face three spooky attractions in one. For nearly an hour, you’ll wind your way through frightful fun in The Woods, The Farm, and The Haunted Hayride. And, the bravest visitors can also roam  The Haunted Trail, The Meathouse, The Demon Hay Shed, and The Slaughterhouse.

2. You’ll Learn the Legend of the Farm

What is a haunted attraction without a ghost story or two? At the Haunted Farm, you’ll hear the tragic tale of Missy Mae Lively. Forever a bride in waiting, Missy Mae haunts the Lively family farm as she pines for her lost bridegroom. Some say she’s deranged, others suspect foul play in the death of her lover. When you visit The Haunted Farm, you’ll hear this tale in its entirety and form your own opinions about Missy Mae Lively.

3. You Can Experience Frightful October Nights

The Haunted Farm is open every weekend in October and is a great nighttime attraction in the Asheville area. You can spend the day exploring all that western North Carolina has to offer. Then, find a terrifying thrill at night. You can purchase tickets at the door for $20 per person. The Haunted Farm opens at nightfall and admits guests to start the tour until midnight.

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Photo credit: Getty Images / La_Corivo