4 Exciting Caves and Caverns in North Carolina You Should See

Exploring caves and caverns in North Carolina is a thrilling adventure that unveils the hidden wonders of our planet. Nestled in the beautiful landscapes of North Carolina is a rich geological history, making them an ideal destination for cave enthusiasts. Keep reading to find places to visit the fascinating underground world of caves and caverns in North Carolina as we present a list of caves and caverns.

4 Adventures You Can Take to See Caves and Caverns in North Carolina

Linville Caverns

Linville Caverns, Marion, NC, were discovered by Henry E. Colton in the early 1800s and were first opened in 1937 for tours. About an hour from Saluda, they are located inside Humpback Mountain and showcase beautiful minerals, exciting formations, an underground stream, and a “bottomless pool.”

With stunning stalactites and stalagmites formations, these limestone caverns offer a glimpse into the mysteries of time. Guided tours provide a wealth of information about the cavern’s history, geology, and the creatures that call it home. VisitĀ Linville CavernsĀ for details on operating hours and admission fees.

Asheville Salt Cave

The Asheville Salt CaveĀ is not a natural cave but a human-made salt cave designed for relaxation and wellness. Located in Asheville, it’s about 40 minutes from Saluda. It features pink salt-covered walls and floors with negative ion charges in the air, creating a healing and tranquil environment. Explore their different spa and rejuvenation services on their website, along with their hours, and make a reservation.

Boone’s Cave

Boone’s Cave Park is in Lexington, NC, about 2 hours away, and has a 110-acre county park established in 1909 after the American pioneer Daniel Boone. He and his family used the cave in his teenage years as a home and a hideout, possibly from Native Americans in the area. It is one of the oldest public parks in North Carolina and has over 6 miles of trails.

The cave is about 80 feet long and has several “rooms” inside. The park is excellent for hiking and provides a scenic and peaceful experience.

Rumbling Bald Caves

Rumbling Bald Caves are a series of caves located near Lake Lure. They are said to have been created by some earthquakes in the late 1800s. They offer unique geological formations and opportunities for exploration that are easy to access and provide excellent views.

The caves are inĀ Chimney Rock State Park, just 30 minutes away, and offer opportunities for other fun outdoor activities like hiking and rock climbing.

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