Here’s Why You Need to Visit the Biltmore Gardens

The scenery in Western North Carolina can’t be beaten. Everywhere you look, you’ll be wowed with natural beauty. If you’re looking for a wonderful day trip during your stay at Orchard Inn, consider visiting the Biltmore Estate’s Biltmore gardens. These gorgeous blooms change seasonally, and they are absolutely stunning no matter when you visit! 

Everything You Need to Know About the Biltmore Gardens

History of the Biltmore Gardens

Have you ever heard of New York City’s famous Central Park? When the Biltmore Estate was being planned and built, the Vanderbilt family called on none other than legend Frederick Law Olmsted, one of the creators of Central Park, to plan out their grounds and garden. 

Olmsted is most known for his influence on Central Park. He ultimately got his start and his vision for parks and gardens as a young man. He would walk through many parks and seeing estates to get inspiration. When you walk through the Biltmore Gardens, you’re walking through history!

Take a Tour

When you book tickets to see the Biltmore Estate, you get access to the house, the winery, and the surrounding grounds. When the weather is just right, we highly recommend you take your time and enjoy everything the Biltmore has to offer. You can even book a grounds tour, the Legacy of the Land tour, to learn more about the sprawling estate. You will even get a chance to see into areas that usually guests aren’t allowed to go on their own!

Explore on Your Own

If you want to explore more on your own, the Biltmore Gardens are open for leisurely walking. Take your time and see what’s in bloom. There are acres of trails for you to explore the grounds. Many wind their way through attractions like the Biltmore Rose Garden and the Biltmore Azalea Garden. 

Before you go, be sure to check out the Annual Blooms so you will know what will be in bloom during your visit. If you plan on heading out into the grounds as well, be sure to grab a map so you can see where the trails lead and if they are paved or not.

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Experience the beauty of our mountain town when you book your getaway at Orchard Inn! Take day trips to spots like the Biltmore Gardens, then come back and relax at our quiet retreat. We are located in the small town of Saluda, and our guests immediately feel relaxed as soon as they step foot on our property. It’s so quiet and surrounded by nature! Browse our accommodations to start planning your stay. We can’t wait to host you!