The Biltmore Gardens are Stunning in the Spring!

Spring is such a wonderful time of year! As the winter starts to give way to sunshine, longer days, and warmer weather, you’re probably starting to plan a spring getaway to a beautiful destination where you can enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest. While the North Carolina mountains can be stunning any time of year, spring can be just spectacular. One spot in Asheville, NC, that you need to see in all its spring glory is the magnificent Biltmore Gardens. Come have a quick peek at what you should find there and why spring is the best time to visit the Biltmore Gardens!

Everything You Need to Know About the Biltmore Gardens

History of the Biltmore Gardens

When the Biltmore Estate was being planned and built, the Vanderbilt family called on none other than legend Frederick Law Olmsted to plan out their grounds and garden. Olmsted got his start and his vision for parks and gardens as a young man by going out into the world and walking along many parks and seeing estates and realizing how he wanted his life’s work to be seen by others. In his life, Olmsted is known for his work on the Biltmore Gardens as well as his influence on New York’s Central Park. When you take a visit to the Biltmore Gardens, you can easily see that Olmsted had a hand in this area.

The Biltmore Gardens Today

When you book tickets to see the Biltmore Estate, you not only get a chance to see the house but also all of the surrounding grounds. When spring comes and the weather is just right, we highly recommend you take your time and enjoy everything the Biltmore has to offer. You can even book a grounds tour, their Legacy of the Land tour, where you will hear so many stories and facts about the Biltmore Gardens and Estate. You will even get a chance to see into areas that usually guests aren’t allowed to go on their own.

If you want to explore more on your own, of course, the Biltmore Gardens are open for leisurely walking. Take your time and see what is in bloom and which flowers you like the best. There are acres of trails for you to explore the gardens and the grounds that wind their way through attractions like the Biltmore Rose Garden and the Biltmore Azalea Garden. Before you go, be sure to check out the Annual Blooms so you will know what will be in bloom during your visit. While you walk, imagine how much the Vanderbilt family must have loved those gardens and the children playing on warm spring days. If you plan on heading out into the grounds as well, be sure to grab a map so you can see where the trails lead and if they are paved or not.

You are bound to work up an appetite during your visit to the Biltmore Estate, so grab a delightful bite to eat at The Conservatory Cafe. They serve Biltmore wine, snacks, light plates, and more and you can enjoy it all right in the open air of the garden.

Where to Stay During Your Visit to the Biltmore Estate Gardens

As you can see, there is one great reason to look forward to spring: a tour of the Biltmore Gardens. When you do decide to come to the mountains this spring, consider staying with us at Orchard Inn. We are conveniently located in Saluda and easily accessible from many area activities, including hikes where you can see spring in action. After an exciting day of adventure, you will love resting in our comfortable beds that have stunning views of the area mountains. Each morning, join us in the dining room for a wonderful breakfast that will get you going and ready to explore our area. Contact us and start planning your next spring trip to the Biltmore Gardens today!

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Photo by BristolDen / Getty Images