Your Guide to the Best Places for Photography Near Asheville

The mountains of Western North Carolina are a photographer’s dream! Whether you enjoy photography as a hobby or as a career, there’s nothing like the landscape that surrounds Orchard Inn. With glorious overlooks, colorful wildflowers, and sparkling waterfalls, you’ll never run out of places to take fantastic photos in this area. Here are our picks for the best places for photography near Asheville, NC!

3 of the Best Places for Photography near Asheville, NC

Discover the most Instagrammable places near Asheville, NC. Capture moments on camera that you want to share with your friends and family. Here are three of our favorite spots to snap the perfect shot. 

Blue Ridge Parkway 

One of the most picturesque drives in the entire country, the Blue Ridge Parkway is full of shots to capture! This winding route is surrounded by trees, trails, and scenic overlooks that are just waiting to be photographed. During the spring and summer, these mountains are surrounded by countless blooming wildflowers that will provide excellent close-ups. When autumn comes, the trees turn from green to fiery shades of red and yellow. In the winter, you can even get some shots of the area blanketed in white snow.

Our favorite part of the Blue Ridge Parkway is its scenic overlooks; they are perfect for setting up a tripod to capture a time-lapse of the sunrise or sunset over the mountains.

Scenic Waterfalls 

One of the most beautiful features of our area is the countless waterfalls that can be found amongst the mountains. There are a few different ways to photography waterfalls effectively. With the help of a tripod, you can use a small aperture, slow shutter speed, and low ISO to get a nice motion blur. Or, you can choose a very fast shutter speed to capture more detail in the flowing water. The optimal weather for shooting these falls is overcast for lighting reasons, but many of these falls are shaded amongst the trees.

Photographing the City 

If you want a city environment to be the focus of your photos, then head into downtown Asheville! City Hall in Asheville, NC, is an iconic landmark that is great to photograph for those that enjoy architecture. Or, you can take your camera and stroll through the streets until you get inspired. As a city rich in history and culture, there are plenty of unique buildings and art pieces here that are wonderful subjects for photography.


Get Inspired at Orchard Inn

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