What Are the Benefits of Midweek Travel?

“A long stretch of road will teach you more about yourself than a hundred years of quiet introspection.”

—Patrick Rothfuss

Travel is one of the most incredible gifts we can give ourselves. It opens our minds to new ideas, and escaping the monotony of everyday life is much needed from time to time. It’s common to try to squeeze travel into just a weekend or time we have off of work, but there are so many benefits to midweek travel. Consider booking midweek this time! 

5 Reasons to Book a Midweek Vacation | The Benefits of Midweek Travel

1. You Deserve It

That’s right– you deserve a vacation on your own terms. It can be stressful trying to squeeze a vacation into just one weekend, and you’re completely drained after all that travel. You don’t even have time to enjoy it! Give yourself the gift of time when you book a midweek vacation. 

2. You Have PTO 

If you have PTO, you earned it! Don’t be afraid to use it, especially if your company doesn’t roll over your time off into the next year. A study completed in 2018 stated that a total of 768 million days went unused in 2018, a 9% increase from 2017. 236 million of those days were completely lost, which is about $65.5 billion in lost benefits. Don’t be part of these statistics! 

3. It’s Less Crowded

Many people haven’t discovered the benefits of midweek travel, so you’re a step ahead of everyone else. It’s nearly always significantly less crowded at the top destinations and tourist sights! For example, if you’re taking a day trip to The Biltmore Estate during your stay at Orchard Inn, there will be a lot fewer people touring the estate during the week.

4. You Don’t Have to Rush

There’s so much to see when you visit a new place that you probably won’t have time to fit it all into just one vacation. That’s okay, but it usually means you’re going from place to place without taking some time to relax. We think that vacation is all about relaxation. When you set aside some time for a midweek stay, you’ll have room in your schedule for things like a spa treatment or to finally read that book you’ve been meaning to start. 

5. You Can Get a Better Deal

You’d be surprised at the deals you can get midweek! From local happy hours to cheap airfare, midweek is almost always more cost-effective. Sometimes, local attractions even have discounted entries for midweek visitors. 

Stay Midweek at Orchard Inn

Now that you know the benefits of midweek travel, it’s time to book your stay at Orchard Inn! Our mountaintop retreat is perfect for a midweek stay. Our fresh air and mountain views make it the perfect place to relax, and we’re by tons of things to do! Browse our accommodations and book your stay today.