You’ll Love These Beautiful Fall Bike Rides

fall bike ridesWhile it may be just the start of summer, we at The Orchard Inn love looking ahead to what the next season will bring us. Everyone knows that the fall here in the North Carolina mountains is truly spectacular. One activity that many enjoy while they are here are fall bike rides. There are many trails, paved and natural that are perfect for those who enjoy a challenge and those who just like to see the sights. There are also a couple of fun bike races here in October that are perfect for any cyclist. Come check out our top picks for fall bike rides here in the North Carolina mountains.

First, we would like to point out some fall bike rides that are great for those who just want to enjoy the sights. There are a few fall bike rides to choose from and all are in great locations. First up is to head over to Emerald Outback at Beech Mountain. Most know Beech Mountain for their skiing in the winter but when the weather is considerably warmer there is an 8 mile trail that is great for beginners and will show you not only beautiful forests but also will open up to gorgeous panoramic scenes, perfect for fall bike rides. Be sure to bring your camera for this one! For those of you who want to see another side of Asheville, be sure to book a fall bike rides tour with Electro Bike Tours. Their bikes are suitable for any level of bike riding skill. They are electric bikes that you can use as a regular bike or you can use their electric motor when needed to help you get up those steep hills.

Next up, fall bike rides for travelers who love a challenge. Some of you may know how to plan out perfect fall bike rides for you and your friends. For that, we suggest checking out Pisgah National Forest or DuPont State Forest. At Pisgah National Forest, they have mountain and road cycling to choose from. They have over 245 miles of biking trails at Pisgah and all of them are filled with beautiful forest scenes. At DuPont State Forest, they have hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails available for use. Others who have been there have loved going for fall bike rides at DuPont for not only the views but also that other trail users are so courteous that it makes for a very enjoyable experience.

The last part of fall bike rides we would like to share are the two bike races that are happening in October this year. The first is the Tour de Leaves which happens in Tryon, NC on October 18th. This tour is perfect for those who love a race in the mountains. While on your path you will get to see the beauty of the fall leaves here in the North Carolina mountains. There are 3 levels of fall bike rides that you will get from the Tour de Leaves, the Grand, Lite, and Family Fun Ride. The following weekend in Greenville, SC is the Hancapie Gran Fondo. This race was developed by racer George Hancapie and will give riders the chance to check out how he trained for his Tour de France race. There are 3 levels to this race as well, the Gran, the Medio, and the Piccolo. This will be a road race and also a great choice for fall bike rides.

For travelers who enjoy fall bike rides, they tend to choose to come to the North Carolina mountains. Our beautiful mountains, changing leaves, and cool but not cold climate make it a perfect experience. One particular choice for fall bike rides in Saluda is the Saluda Loop. It includes some scenic views as well as urban views. Come enjoy 40 miles of Saluda beauty. When you do decide to come for a tour of our fall bike rides, we hope that you will choose to stay with us at The Orchard Inn. Our cottages are plenty of space for you and your gear needed to enjoy one of the many fall bike rides planned. Each morning our chefs will prepare a hearty breakfast that will send you on your way with an energized spirit. Contact us today and book a fall bike rides weekend with us.

Photo by gamu25