The Biltmore Estate Christmas Celebration is Magical

Biltmore-Estate-ChristmasWhile we are still in the first few weeks of fall, there is one annual event in the Western North Carolina mountains that we at Orchard Inn look forward to every year: Christmas at Biltmore Estate! The team at the estate goes all out for the holidays and guests who visit get a very special treat. While you may have visited Biltmore earlier in the year, you’ll quickly see that the Biltmore Estate Christmas Celebration is on a whole different level. Let’s take a look at some of the fun tours and activities that you can enjoy during the Biltmore Estate Christmas Celebration.

This year’s Biltmore Estate Christmas Celebration will last from November 6th through January 10th. They have two ways to celebrate, either during the day or at night and each is very special and unique in its own way. Tickets are available for each and they have assorted prices for adults and children as well as during the week visits and weekend visits.

During the day, you will get a glimpse of what a Christmas at Biltmore Estate would have been like in the earlier days. When you do decide to book a trip to the Biltmore during their Christmas Celebration, we strongly suggest choosing a tour as well. You will get so much more information from their guides than if you went in on your own. After you are done exploring the house, as well as its amazing Christmas decorations, you should also take your time and enjoy the outdoors as well. The grounds keepers work just as hard keeping the estate in impeccable condition year round for guests to enjoy. Be sure to head to Antler Village for a snack or lunch at one of their restaurants. Also, be sure to pursue their gift shops which will be filled with fantastic Christmas decorations for sale.

Now let’s have a look at the Biltmore Christmas Celebration at night. One aspect of choosing this time of day is that you get a bit more for your ticket. When you purchase a night ticket, you also have the opportunity to explore the Biltmore Estate during that day or the next day as well. That’s a deal you just can’t beat. Now, Christmas at the Biltmore Estate at night is slightly different. When you do book a night tour of the Estate, we suggest that you first have dinner at one of the restaurants in Antler Hill. They have great options for casual fare as well as nicer restaurants. Inside the home, you will get to see all of the decorations, candles, and fireplaces aglow with light and warmth that seeps into your bones. It’s hard not to be in awe of the tall and majestic Christmas trees and decorations that they have featured in the home. For these night trips, we also highly suggest reserving a tour as well.

As you can see, coming to the Biltmore Christmas Celebration can be a magical trip for you and your family. This time of year, we at the Orchard Inn, also love celebrating with our own Dickens Dinner. Hosted in December, our Dickens Dinner is very popular with guests as well as locals and is usually a sold out event each night. We feature a 5-course dinner that starts at 7 pm and we also have readings from the popular Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. When you do decide to come to the Biltmore, we hope that you will consider staying with us at Orchard Inn. Along with our fun holiday events, we have cozy and comfortable rooms as well as cottages for those who like a little extra privacy. Sleep soundly in our plush mattresses and enjoy a fire in most of our rooms. Each morning enjoy the views of our neighboring mountains from our dining room where our chefs prepare an amazing breakfast. Contact us today and plan a trip to the North Carolina mountains in time for the Biltmore Estate Christmas Celebration.

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