Introduction to the Q’ero Path

Q'ero PathMake your dreams a reality without traveling to a far-off country on Tuesday, September 10 at the Orchard Inn. There are many ways to learn about indigenous energy workers of other cultures (also referred to as shamans), but we generally only dream of experiencing their energy directly and learning from them first-hand.

On Tuesday, two Peruvian practitioners of the ancient Andean spiritual ways will make their way to Saluda, North Carolina. Paqos Don Pascual Apaza Flores and Wilbert Salas Atasi will share their traditions of spiritual healing so that you can develop a more balanced relationship with yourself, others, and Mother Earth. You do not want to miss this introduction to the Q’ero Path.

The Q’ero paqos, who are descendants of the Inca, will share a little about their history and the Andean spiritual traditions of Peru. You will learn about the Q’ero perspective on the 2012 great earth transition that we are still experiencing as they’ll explain its meaning. Additionally, they’ll answer some of your questions about their spiritual path, and they will relay their passion for building and maintaining a close relationship with all the nature spirits that surround us. The paqos will directly transmit the energy of their healing tradition and lineage into each participant’s hands to bring forth or enhance your power as a healer. Finally, they will create a despacho (a gift to the gods), on behalf of the group. The despacho is the sacred healing ceremony conducted by the healers in Peru.

Again, the workshop will be held at the Orchard Inn, a charming and elegant Asheville, North Carolina bed and breakfast. It is the perfect destination for those looking for picturesque natural sights and comfortable hospitality. The Inn will be offering a delicious lunch at the beautiful mountaintop retreat, which is a veggie burger made from sweet brown rice and aduki beans with smoked cheddar cheese on a whole wheat pita with avocado, tomato, lettuce and purple onion. Lunch will be $15, plus tax and gratuity. Please RSVP if you’d like to order lunch to The lunch option will allow participants to enjoy the lovely grounds and walking trails without having to leave the workshop space. The cost for the workshop is $75. Pre-registration is required.

Also offered on September 9th and 10th are special room rates of $145 per night. You can enjoy the workshop, which runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and then rejuvenate in the soothing inn at night.

In addition to the nine guests rooms in the main building, there are five cottage suites complete with fireplaces, whirlpool baths and private decks. They are all comfortably furnished with period pieces and antiques. If you can stay longer than a few days, go hiking, fishing, or kayaking when the workshop ends. Golf and tennis are also available within a few minutes’ drive.

Whether you plan on attending the workshop, or want to plan a romantic event, the Orchard Inn is the perfect Asheville, North Carolina bed and breakfast to enjoy a truly special stay. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. To register for the workshop or schedule a healing session, contact Ben Ward or Connie Scicluna at

Photo courtesy of: Smart Destinations