Experience the Stunning Asheville Fall Foliage

Asheville fall foliageWe don’t know about you, but we at Orchard Inn love fall here in the Western North Carolina mountains. When you imagine the leaves changing, the image in your mind is exactly what you will see when you book a trip to see our Asheville fall foliage. There are so many ways to enjoy our Asheville fall foliage and many itineraries to choose from. You may wonder what activities you should do or how you should plan your trip. We have some great ideas on how you can enjoy a wonderful day amidst our Asheville fall foliage. Let’s have a look at some of your options.

Before you plan your trip the first thing that you will need to know is when to come to see the best of our Asheville fall foliage. For us in the Western North Carolina mountains, we have different elevations and, therefore, different times that it is best to view the leaves. It has already been forecasted that this year will be the best year for Asheville fall foliage. The reason behind it is that we have had a drier late summer and it is making those amazing fall colors pop.  For the whole of the mountains, the entire leaf season will be from around October 2nd to November 4th. However, the best time to come to Asheville for the leaves is October 20-29. Not only will you have Asheville bursting with color but this is a great time to see the leaves at Biltmore as well.

The first idea that you can consider for an Asheville fall foliage trip is to go on a hike. This is one of the best ways to see the Asheville fall foliage up close. Be sure to plan your hike and bring your camera. Some of the best areas for hiking the Asheville fall foliage are, Looking Glass and Rough Ridge. To get to Looking Glass, we suggest going to the Brevard side of the trails and there is a great trail that is easily walkable and can take you up to a peak that will show you stunning views of the Blue Ridge Parkway as well as our Asheville fall foliage. You can also hike the Looking Glass Rock Trail but do be warned it can be popular, especially during our Asheville fall foliage season. The other trail is the Rough Ridge Trail. This one is located off of the Blue Ridge Parkway and will give you a great view of Grandfather Mountain. It is said that this trail is one of the best for looking at our Asheville fall foliage.

One other way to see the most of our Asheville fall foliage is to take a drive. What better place to take a drive than along the Blue Ridge Parkway? This scenic drive is iconic for those who want to enjoy our Asheville fall foliage or just a beautiful drive at any time during the year. While you can certainly plan out drives, sometimes it’s best to just see where the road takes you.

Of course, we may be a bit biased but we at Orchard Inn think that the best place to see our Asheville fall foliage is right from the steps of your room. Many of our rooms and cottages have spectacular views of the nearby mountains and all of this can easily be seen from the dining room of our in-house restaurant, Newman’s. Consider taking a trip this fall to see the Asheville fall foliage and think about staying with us at Orchard Inn. Our beautiful B&B offers comfortable beds and cozy rooms for our guests. Each morning join other guests in the dining room for a breakfast feast prepared daily by our chefs. Contact us today and book a trip to see the leaves!

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Photo by Kenny Louie