Experience the 2015 Blue Ridge Barbecue Festival

2015 Blue Ridge Barbeque FestivalEvery June the weather is warm and we at Orchard Inn, as well as our many local citizens get excited for the beginning of not only summer but it is prime season for festivals around here. One of the top festivals we all look forward to is the Blue Ridge Barbecue Festival. The Blue Ridge BBQ Festival brings together everything that makes our area just amazing. First it brings our community together, as well as new guests to the area. Next, we all get to enjoy the stunning views of Tryon, and lastly, we all get to enjoy food, music, and fun together. Let’s check out all of the amazing activities the hosts of the Blue Ridge Barbecue Festival have in store for us this year.

The 2015 Blue Ridge Barbecue Festival will be held in Tryon, NC at the Harmon Field and will last from June 12th through June 13th. Tickets to the 2015 Blue Ridge BBQ Festival are free on Friday from 10 am to 2 pm. All other times tickets are $8 for adults and children 12 and under are always free. Parking also is free and don’t worry, there will plenty of parking as well.

Let’s move on to what you will find at the 2015 Blue Ridge Barbecue Festival. The first aspect of the Blue Ridge BBQ Festival that everyone looks forward to is the music. Having only to pay $8 for such an awesome array of concerts is a steal. The line up for the 2015 Blue Ridge BBQ Festival hasn’t been announced yet, be sure to check out their music page to see who has graced their stages in the past. The bands that are usually chosen are frequently up and comers and their sounds vary but are usually in the folk rock, bluegrass to rock genres. Be sure to make a plan on which bands you would like to see at either the Main Stage or the Riverside Stage located on the Pacolet River.

The other activity that many visitors love about the Blue Ridge Barbecue Festival is, of course, the BBQ. Pitmasters from all around try their hand in having the best BBQ in Tryon for that weekend. As visitors, we get to smell and taste a bit of BBQ ourselves. It’s always best to wait until the winner is announced to see which of your favorites won. The Blue Ridge Barbecue Festival follows KCBS rules for their judging and those wishing to enter can do so by filling out an application and paying the $275 entry fee. That will get you a decent-sized cooking space and storefront space with electricity and water. You can have an RV if you need to; however, space is limited.

While everyone enjoys these two aforementioned activities, there are two others that should be mentioned as well. The first is the craft show at the Blue Ridge BBQ Festival. Artists from all around love coming to our area to show off and sell their art which comes in a range of mediums from photography to acrylics, wood and stone to clay and many more. Artists can also enter their best piece to be judged as well. All items are up for sale and being it’s located on the Pacolet River, it’s a nice place to stroll for a while. Lastly, what festival would be complete without a walk through history in the form of classic cars. Owners of these cars love showing off the work and care that went into restoring and maintaining the car, and they love answering questions about them from visitors. Show your kids exactly what kind of car you drove, or wished you drove, when you were a kid. Be sure to stick around and look out to see which of your favorite cars won best-in-show this year.

We at Orchard Inn love June for not only the Blue Ridge BBQ Festival but for all of the interesting visitors that come our way in the summer months. Our gardens are in full bloom with flowers as well as fresh food that we like to use in our in-house restaurant, Newman’s. When considering if you should go to the 2015 Blue Ridge Barbecue Festival, also think about staying with us while you are here. Our cozy rooms and cottages are perfect for couples and families. Each day starts out with a hearty breakfast hand made by our wonderful chefs. Contact our wonderful staff today and reserve your room for the 2015 Blue Ridge Barbecue Festival.

Photo by: kowarski