3 Best Asheville Restaurants

best Asheville restaurantsWe love having visitors come see us at The Orchard Inn. We love our area of Western North Carolina so much and love sharing it with others. Our guests typically ask our opinion on many things to do and see while they are here with us. While most have done their research, it’s always good to hear from a local something fun to do in the area. The same goes for restaurants. It can really be dicey if you aren’t sure where to go. When on a trip to a new place, nothing can kill a good time more than a bad meal. We have taken the guess work out for you and here are our top 3 best Asheville restaurants.

The first to mention in our list of best Asheville restaurants is White Duck Taco. This simple taco restaurant focuses on just making amazing food at reasonable prices. It’s easy to see that so many locals love this place since there is usually a bit of a wait during peak times. To start be sure to get some chips and either salsa or queso, it’s the perfect way to start your meal with them. Their menu features many different kinds of tacos like Banh Mi Tofu, Duck with Mole, Lump Crab, Jerk Chicken, and many more. For sides, you have a choice of Green Chile Black Beans, Kimchi, and Watermelon. If you are looking for a delicious soup, they have one for the summer to help cool you down, a Chilled Tomato Gazpacho, and to warm you in the winter, a Southwest Corn Chowder. Be sure to save room for their fantastic desserts. One thing to keep in mind is that their main focus is to only serve the freshest ingredients so their menu changes with the food.

Our next restaurant in our list of best Asheville restaurants is Cúrate. This place is amazing. It is the perfect spot to meet up with friends and all have a wonderful meal. Cúrate specializes in Spanish tapas and promises to transport you to Spain with every mouthful. When you get there, start your night off with one of their signature drinks. Then decide which dishes you want to share with the table. They have cheese plates, soups, salads, grilled dishes, fried dishes, their menu is expansive and will make your mouth water. Be sure to try one, or more, of their unique desserts.

Our last, and certainly not least, in our list of best Asheville restaurants is The Admiral. While the name may sound fancy, the atmosphere is anything but. The crew of The Admiral understood what its neighborhood was and gave them exactly that. Located in west Asheville, their neighbors work hard for their money and The Admiral wanted to give them a place where they could have an amazing meal without breaking the bank. Their menu changes with the seasons and right now they have some amazing appetizers like a cheese plate, oysters, and a few salads. For your main course you can have scallops, ribeye or a pork chop. If you tend to be a smaller eater, they have many smaller entrees as well.

While all of these best Asheville restaurants may be different, they all have one thing in common, they have amazing service and use the fresh food they have available to them. When you combine these two things, the result is something magical that will stand the test of time. We love recommending these best Asheville restaurants to all of our guests at The Orchard Inn. When you combine a great meal and a fun stay with us, your trip will be amazing. All of our rooms have amazing views of the mountains and will leave you in a state of peace and relaxation. Contact our wonderful staff today and book a trip to see us at The Orchard Inn and dine at one of these best Asheville restaurants.

Photo by: Pen Waggener