You Won’t Want to Miss the Incredible Western North Carolina Fall Foliage

Fall is arguably the best season to come visit western North Carolina. At the beginning of the season, the leaves on the towering trees are shades of green. In a blink of an eye, they have turned to magnificent shades of red, yellow, and orange. This is the perfect time to explore the outdoors or just relax at Orchard Inn to revel in the western North Carolina fall foliage. Wrap yourself in a cozy sweater, get into the autumn spirit with a cup of cider or pumpkin pie, and come see the incredible changing of the leaves!

If you’re planning on making a trip to western North Carolina, our free Vacation Guide can be a huge help! It lists all the events happening each season as well as recommendations on things to do and see in the area. Use this great resource to plan out what to do during your trip to see the western North Carolina fall foliage!

When to Come See Western North Carolina Fall Foliage

Unlike the changing leaves on the East Coast, there are specific times to come see western North Carolina fall foliage. Usually, the best times to see the most brilliant colors are from mid-October to early November. The trees at the highest elevation change first, and the trees in the low foothills change last. It is not an exact science, but you can always look up a fall foliage forecast!

See the Western North Carolina Fall Foliage on a Hike

One of the best ways to see the western North Carolina fall foliage is to go on a hike. This way, you can see the brilliant colors up close! Every time a gust of wind blows through the trees, bright leaves flutter down around you like magic. Choose a hiking spot with incredible views such as Chimney Rock State Park. There are multiple trails that vary in difficulty. Make sure to take a trail to the top of the rock for a view of over 75 miles of foliage!

Experience the Fall Foliage on the Blue Ridge Parkway

While a drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway is gorgeous at any time of year, it is especially breathtaking during the fall. This winding route features jaw-dropping views and outstanding outdoor recreation. Filled with thriving plants and wildlife, this is one of the best places in the state to visit for a relaxing trip in the crisp, mountain air. Make sure to stop at some of the scenic overlooks to take in the area’s natural beauty. You could easily plan your route, or just see where the road takes you!

Some of the Best Western North Carolina Fall Foliage is at Orchard Inn

Orchard Inn Terrace in Spring

Come see western North Carolina fall foliage right from the steps of your room at Orchard Inn! Many of our rooms and cottages have spectacular views of the nearby mountains. You can also witness the brilliant hues of the changing leaves from our in-house restaurant, Newman’s. Consider taking a trip this fall to see the western North Carolina fall foliage and stay with us at Orchard Inn. Contact us today and book a trip to see the leaves!