6 Scenic Waterfalls Near Saluda, NC That You Need to Visit

The North Carolina mountains contain endless opportunities for adventure! While there is a variety of activities to choose from in the North Carolina mountains, a standby favorite is exploring the waterfalls near Saluda, NC. The quietness of the forest coupled with the sounds of local animals and nearby streams make for a magical day. There are many waterfalls near Saluda that are at the top of the must-see list. What makes these trails and waterfalls so special is that not only are they accessible for novice to expert hikers, but every time you go you will experience something different, making every trip unique. Take a look at some of the best waterfalls near Saluda to start planning your next mountain getaway!

6 of the Best Waterfalls Near Saluda, North Carolina

1. Big Bradley Falls

Big Bradley Falls is one of the staple waterfalls near Saluda for many reasons. Located on a section of the Green River Game Lands, a 10,000 acre, state-owned mecca of hunting and fishing, Big Bradley is a 75-foot waterfall with a breathtaking lookout. However, it is completely natural with loose rocks and nothing blocking off the edges, so use caution when at the top of the waterfall. It is also advised not to try and hike down Big Bradley itself as it is dangerous. The hike up is considered an easy hike, and the round trip is a quick 1.5 miles. Proper footwear is suggested.

2. Little Bradley Falls

Located near Big Bradley Falls, the trek to the 35-foot multi-tiered Little Bradley Falls is spectacular. The round trip is around 2 miles and features old ruins that you can observe as you hike along Cove Creek. This spot can be a popular place in the summer, as locals and tourists can cool off in the creek and pool of the waterfall. Also, use caution when hiking these falls- there are abundant loose stones and tree roots.

3. Pearson’s Falls

Pearson’s Falls is a true gem. The falls are located on a 268-acre tract of land that has been taken over and maintained by the Tryon Garden Club and is listed as a North Carolina Natural Heritage Area. There is a fee to get in for ages 6 and up, but the small price is well worth what you see. The hike to the falls is a short 1/4 mile and along the way, you will marvel at the flowers that are meticulously cultivated along the path. The waterfall itself is 90 feet and falls in multiple levels. At Pearson’s Falls, you can really make a day of hiking and taking a picnic to be enjoyed at the falls or at their nearby tables.

4. Shunkawauken Falls

Embark on a 5-mile hike to be rewarded by gorgeous views of the Shunawauken Falls! It’s about 10 miles from Pearson’s Falls and provides a quiet and secluded spot to relax and enjoy nature. The road leading to this waterfall is steep, curvy, and scenic!

5. Hickory Nut Falls

Do you love The Last of the Mohicans? Part of it was filmed right here in front of Hickory Nut Falls! This stunning 404-foot waterfall is an incredible sight to see. It can be reached by way of an easy 3/4- mile hike surrounded by beautiful vegetation and wildlife. This attraction is found in the magnificent Chimney Rock State Park, which offers an abundance of additional trails and sights as well.

6. Catawba Falls

This area near Old Fort, NC, was recently improved to make it more accessible to the public. You can now embark on the 3-mile loop that takes you to Catawba Falls with the help of some newly-constructed bridges! These incredible falls are made of dozens of cascades- you’ll want to sit and watch it for hours.

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