Saluda, NC, Tubing is a Great Way to Spend the Day

The weather here in the Western NC mountains is getting warmer each and every week. After the chilly winter, we are all glad to be moving into the next season. Along with warmer weather comes a myriad of fun activities that are best enjoyed in the summer! One of our most popular ideas is to try out some Saluda, NC, tubing. We at Orchard Inn love recommending this great activity to our guests who enjoy being outside as well as relaxing on a river.

Tubing is a great way to enjoy some sunshine while keeping cool as well as seeing some amazing scenery. There are two amazing companies that offer some great Saluda, NC, tubing experiences. The first is Wilderness Cove Tubing and Campground located here in Saluda. They offer a great ride down the nearby Green River. Their trips have a great combination of calm floating as well as fun and thrilling rapids. What makes Green River tubing so amazing is that it is a dam-controlled river, meaning there aren’t any outside forces that can change the components of the Green River. Our guides always know where the rapids will be as well as the calm parts of your Green River tubing experience. You may be a bit taken aback when you see rapids but be sure that they are a Class I or II rapids, perfect for a slight thrill during your ride. Before you do decide on a Green River tubing trip with Wilderness Cove, be sure to check out their schedule for the day as well as what they recommend for you to bring and not bring with you.

Another wonderful company that has some great Saluda, NC, tubing trips is Green River Cove Tubing. The Gillespie family has been operating this Green River tubing company for 30 years and have enjoyed watching so many groups, couples, and families have fun on the Green River. They have a very simple pricing structure, $9 for 3 miles and $14 for 6 miles. In the summer season, they are open 7 days a week. It’s best to call ahead to check their schedule for the best time to go Saluda, NC, tubing.

As you can see, a day spent Green River tubing is a day well spent. Imagine floating along the river with your partner, family, or friends and having a blast talking and enjoying being outside. While on the river, be sure to have a look out for wildflowers and different animals that make the river their home. You will be surprised what you can see when you take a step into nature.

After a great day Saluda, NC, tubing, one of the best things is taking a quick cat nap before heading out for a fun night. Our inn is the perfect place to rest your head while in the beautiful North Carolina mountains. We have rooms as well as cottages that are intimate and comfortable. Be sure to check out the views from your room while you are here, they are unlike any other. While you are here, be sure to stay in one night and enjoy dinner at our in-house restaurant, Newman’s. Our chefs Marianne and Stuart come up with amazing weekly menus that use the best and freshest ingredients around our area and prepare them with skill and love for our guests. Ready to plan a fun Saluda, NC, tubing trip? Contact our fantastic staff today and let us help you plan it.