Where to Get Beautiful Pottery in North Carolina

One of the best things about visiting another place is getting to know it through many different ways. This all depends on the traveler. Some enjoy getting to know their destination through food, others going on trail hikes, and even some through shopping. When you come to the Western North Carolina mountains, one way you can easily get to know our area is through our art. We at Orchard Inn love helping our art-loving travelers find galleries filled with pieces to add to their home. One art medium that is popular around here is pottery. Homemade pottery from North Carolina can be a beautiful addition to your home. Let’s check out some of the best places to find pottery right here in North Carolina.

Pottery in Saluda North Carolina

Heartwood Contemporary Crafts Gallery– Located right here in downtown Saluda, this lovely gallery has many artists that infuse the space with their hard work. They have been open since 1985 and have been dedicated to only showcasing handmade items. They have many different types of mediums offered like pottery, glass, fabrics, metal, wood, and more. While you can get a sense of their collection online, it’s best to visit them in person as their inventory changes regularly.

Pottery in Asheville North Carolina

Just a little bit away from us in Saluda is Asheville where the community is infused with arts of all sorts. If you are looking to enjoy the arts in Asheville, then be sure to head over to the River Arts District. This is a mile long area with over 200 working artists in 22 buildings. They have a wonderful map that you can pick up where you can figure out where you would like to go based on the medium. If you are looking for wonderful pottery in North Carolina, there are many to choose from.

The Village Potters– This group of women potters are wonderful. They all work together and help each other grow artistically. The benefit comes back to you when you see their amazing work. They feature all sorts of different kinds of pieces from mugs to larger pieces. You can see a lot of their work online but, as always, it’s best to see it in person. If you have the time, they also offer classes.

Element Clay Studio– Heather Knight at Element is unbelievable. She has been celebrated a lot for her combination of modern and classic techniques in her pieces. All of her inspiration comes from nature itself. Some of the types of pieces you can find in her studios are mainly tiles and bowls but all are done in very interesting ways.

Squeaky Wheel Pottery– The last of our River Arts District pottery studios in North Carolina is Squeaky Wheel. They have around 20 artists all showcasing their work in the space. Since there are so many different artists in one space, there will be a lot of different styles and pieces to choose from. They don’t have set hours but as long as someone is in the studio, you are welcome to browse.

As you can see, the arts are all around us here in the mountains and it should be easy for you to find some lovely pottery in North Carolina for your home. When you do come to our area, consider staying with us at Orchard Inn. Our tranquil B&B is a perfect haven for those who are trying to get away for a few days. Our B&B has scenic views of the mountains from many of our rooms and from our dining room. While there is a wonderful breakfast served each morning with us, also be sure to save a dinner with us too at our in-house restaurant Newman’s. Contact us today and begin planning your next trip to Asheville.

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