North Carolina Historical Landmarks That Make Great Day Trips

For some of us, we love to hear a great story. We can imagine it in our minds playing like a movie and enjoy the journey that it takes us. History can be just the same, a bunch of stories of things that have happened in the past. As you may know, the Western North Carolina mountains are filled with history as well as North Carolina historical landmarks. Many visitors who come to see us at Orchard Inn love taking some time and going to visit one of these nearby North Carolina historical landmarks. Here are some of them ones we recommend!

Vance Birthplace

For those of you who love learning about the pioneer days of the mountains, the Vance Birthplace should be at the top of your list. The building has been reconstructed around the original chimneys and fairly accurately depicts a pioneer farmstead life. When you visit the Vance Birthplace you will get to learn not only about some of the early locals to our area but also the life of Zebulon Vance who was a Civil War officer then later a North Carolina governor and then a senator. Be sure to join one of the tours that are offered at this historical landmark. Also, check out their seasonal Living History events that are just amazing.

Carl Sandburg Home

As you may know, literature, poetry and writers have shaped our nation throughout history. Many writers have retreated to our own Western North Carolina mountains for peace and solitude and sometimes decide to live here. One such writer is Carl Sandburg. It has been said that he has been an important voice for America in the 20th century and continues to speak to us even now. His home here is one of the top North Carolina historical landmarks that you should visit while you are here. When you are there, you will get a chance to not only visit the home which highlights his life and work but also the dairy farm that was instrumental as well. We recommend taking a few hours to enjoy the grounds and home.

Thomas Wolfe Memorial

Of the North Carolina historical landmarks, this one is certainly very interesting. Located in downtown Asheville, the Thomas Wolfe Memorial is a place that has been immortalized in the words of Thomas Wolfe. He loved his childhood home so much that he wrote an autobiographical book titled Look Homeward, Angel that has touched the lives of many. At the Thomas Wolfe Memorial, you can join in on tours that talk about the home and the book and enjoy learning about the life of the author.

Saluda Grade

Lastly, our tour of North Carolina historical landmarks takes you right back here to Saluda with the Saluda Grade. It was because of this railroad that our area grew at all. Before it, travelers found it very difficult to get to our area to live or to even get supplies to survive. The Saluda Grade was a railroad from Spartanburg, SC to our area that allowed people, products, and everything in between to make the climb up the mountains. Our area was also the perfect home for tuberculosis clinics as our weather and fresh mountain air helped patients recover.

When you decide to tour one of these amazing North Carolina historical landmarks, we hope you will consider staying with us at Orchard Inn which also has its own fantastic history. Our rooms and cottages used to be used as a summer home for workers of the railroad companies. The rooms and cottages have been upgraded to allow for maximum comfort in a distraction-free area. Each morning with us, join us for breakfast and gaze out at the mountains that many before you loved and made their home. Contact us today and enjoy the history that we have to offer you.

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