Why Should You Go Hiking in North Carolina in the Winter?

When most of us think about taking a trip to the mountains of North Carolina in winter, most of us typically think about the same thing. Usually a fire, some great books, fantastic food, and generally a relaxing time. This scenario sounds perfect to some but for others, they just have to get out and explore. Here in our area we at Orchard Inn love suggesting our guests go hiking in North Carolina, even in winter. Why go hiking in North Carolina in winter you may ask? Because even in winter, hiking in North Carolina is a truly amazing experience. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider hiking in North Carolina the next time you visit.

Reason #1: Hiking in North Carolina is full of adventure.

Like with any hiking trip, there is a sense of adventure, especially if you are hiking on a trail you have never been on before. One tip, before you go hiking in North Carolina, or anywhere else, be sure that your trailhead is marked, the trail is maintained and easy to walk on. While on a trail here in the North Carolina mountains, be sure to bring your camera. You will come across beautiful forests, birds of all kinds, and many wildlife creatures. When you plan to go hiking in North Carolina, and have the time, consider going to two different areas so you can get a sense of the mountains and state parks that are available here.

Reason #2: Hiking in North Carolina is educational.

As kids, while, in school, we all loved the days where we got to do something out of the norm. Whether it was watch a movie or get to explore outside during science. The same thing can be said when you go hiking in North Carolina. Most travelers think of hiking in the warmer months where life is happening all around you. When you go hiking in North Carolina in the winter, you get to learn about a different side of forest life. The birds that are out will be different as well as the shapes of the trees. One of the most notable differences is in our waterfalls. The water slows down and a lot of time freezes giving you a chance to see time stop. The whole experience can be quite relaxing.

Reason #3: Hiking in North Carolina is romantic.

Some of us may not think that getting sweaty and dirty is the height of romance but there is something to be said to spending a few hours outdoors with your partner. On a hike, you rely on each other and can relax and spend the time talking about everything which helps you get to know them on a deeper level. Also, when you share an experience like that, it helps bring the two of you closer. There are many romantic hikes that you can find in our North Carolina mountains. It’s easy to not only fall in love with your partner even more in the mountains but fall in love with the mountains themselves.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why you should consider hiking in North Carolina. When you do, be sure to book your stay with us at Orchard Inn. Our Saluda B&B is conveniently located to many area trails and is the perfect place to rest in-between activities. Our spacious rooms are filled with comfortable beds topped with luxurious sheets. Sleep easily when you pick your perfect pillow from our Pillow Menu. Each morning starts off on the right foot when you join us for breakfast in the main house. Each morning our chefs prepare a delicious and bountiful breakfast that will give you more than enough energy to tackle the trails. Contact us today and let us help you plan a fun trip hiking in North Carolina.

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