Experience a Sierra Nevada Brewery Tour in Asheville

Sierra Nevada brewery tourIt has been mentioned many times before that Asheville is quickly becoming a mecca for those of us who not only love beer but amazing craft beer. If you have heard the term craft beer but haven’t had any let us at The Orchard Inn give you a quick lesson. Craft beer has become so popular and loved by so many because not only is it delicious but you can feel and taste the love that went into each batch. Having seasonal beers makes each batch special and unique. While they are no longer a small brewery by any means Sierra Nevada has set up a new brewery in Asheville and it open for business. Come check out why booking a Sierra Nevada brewery tour is a must on your next trip here.

Sierra Nevada started brewing back in the 1980’s and have remained a craft beer favorite for many years. Their first brewery is located in California but recently saw the rise of beer loving here in Asheville and decided to go in and tap the market here as well. Some of the beers that you can find not only on a Sierra Nevada brewery tour but in your local grocery store are their original Pale Ale, their seasonal Summerfest, a limited Hoptimum (available through August), a delicious Kellerweis, and many more. Can’t choose just one? Pick up their summer pack filled with different Sierra Nevada brews.

You may be wondering why a Sierra Nevada brewery tour would not only be a fun thing but also something that we are recommending as a must do when you come here next. Whether it is a Sierra Nevada brewery tour or a tour of another brewery, tours are not only a great time but so informational as well. You can learn all of the ins and outs of the beer and how it’s made as well as get many questions answered about the brewing process.

When you come to take a Sierra Nevada brewery tour you will be pleased to find that there are 5 tours to choose from, all unique and can show you a little something different in each. The first is the Brewhouse Tour. This is a 90-minute tour that will show you all of the different kettles, hops, and get a hands-on approach to how their beer is made. Next up is their Natural Resources Tour. This tour is great for those who want to learn another side of beer making, the hops growing. Since the weather here in NC is so beautiful, we all love to have a chance to go outside and enjoy it. This tour will show you their sustainability practices and how they are doing their best to use every resource to its fullest ability. For those of you who dub yourselves as a beer geek, their Beer Geek Tour is for you. This tour is in small groups and you will get intimate details of what makes the Sierra Nevada brewery in NC work so well. What makes this Sierra Nevada brewery tour so amazing is you also get to sample beer straight from the tanks. The next Sierra Nevada brewery tour is a limited time tour so be sure to book it quickly, the Bigfoot Vertical Tour. This Sierra Nevada brewery tour focuses on its American Barleywine beer style and how it took seven years to age the beer. The last Sierra Nevada brewery tour is for those of you who like to go at your own pace, their Self-Guided Tour there is an upstairs corridor that is perfect for you. You will get a bird’s eye view of their operations.

As you can see, we in the NC mountains love our beer. There is something about having a refreshing brew while being able to enjoy the views of the mountains that is just breathtaking and so relaxing. When visitors come to the NC mountains, they love staying with us at The Orchard Inn in Saluda. Our beautiful B&B is located nicely for many area activities not only in Asheville but other places as well. Our rooms and cottages each have views of the mountains, but the best comes from our dining room at our in-house restaurant, Newman’s. Savor a delicious homemade breakfast each morning and be sure to set aside one dinner with us as well. Our chefs meticulously create and prepare different menus each week. Contact us today and book a room for your next trip to Asheville for a Sierra Nevada brewery tour.

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Photo by Phil Whitehouse