Eating Asheville: A Gastronomic Experience!

eating AshevilleThere are many reasons why we all travel to a different town for a trip. The beach, amazing mountain trails, interesting museums, and many more. However, in recent days there are travelers who are looking for a certain kind of experience when they go to new destinations. Food has become one of the most popular topics in not only our own lives but when we travel. Where to eat, what kind of food the town has, and how many different types of restaurants they have are all questions that are usually asked. Here at The Orchard Inn we have quickly realized that our neighbor Asheville has quickly become not only a craft beer mecca but also a food one.  Eating Asheville is becoming one of the top ways to enjoy the city. Let’s check out all of the many ways you can enjoy eating Asheville.

The first way to enjoy eating Asheville is by getting to know the city and all of the foodie aspects of it. The best place to explore first is the Foodtopia site so you can truly experience all of the ways to enjoy eating Asheville. You can do this by obviously going to different restaurants but also by getting to know all of the wineries and breweries as well so you can pair the best drink with each meal. Another fun way to enjoy eating Asheville is by going on different food adventures. They have tours, trails, as well as pick your own food so you can make the most of eating Asheville. Want to learn something new? Check out one of the many cooking classes offered by top Asheville chefs.

The most obvious way to enjoy eating Asheville is to go to one of the many restaurants available in downtown Asheville. Looking at lots of menus can eventually get overwhelming so we have two amazing suggestions for places to enjoy eating Asheville during your trip here. The first is Tupelo Honey Cafe. Open for brunch, lunch, and dinner, as well as a bar menu, you can enjoy this fantastic restaurant at any time of day. They specialize in Southern food and enjoy surprising their guests by adding a modern twist on it as well as using the delightful flavors of the surrounding mountains to keep their food fresh. Another delicious restaurant is Table. Offering lunch (Wednesdays-Saturdays), Sunday brunch, and dinner every night, Table is a truly remarkable restaurant. Chef Jacob Sessoms serves his guests a new twist on American food and changes his menu everyday so be sure to check it out. The service is known to be friendly in their intimate restaurant which leaves guests feeling like friends and family when they leave.

Another Way to enjoy eating Asheville, and still be on the go, is by enjoying one of the many incredible Asheville food trucks. If you have never heard of food trucks or weren’t sure about trying them, let us be the ones to tell you that they are simply amazing. Imagine gourmet food available on the go and in different parts of the city. The best way to find food trucks in Asheville is to go to the Asheville food truck site which has not only all of the food trucks in Asheville listed but an amazing interactive map letting you know where they will be that day.

The last way to enjoy eating Asheville is to go to their Asheville Wine and Food Festival. This year’s festival will be held August 21st and will be a day of tasting food, wine, beer, and much more. Everyone in the Asheville food and beverage industry will be pulling out all of the stops for a simply incredible experience for their visitors.  Be sure to check out their tickets page for prices as well as other fun events during the year.

It’s wonderful experiences like these that make eating Asheville such a fun time. After choosing how you want to enjoy eating Asheville, the only other thing left to decide is where to stay. While there are many places to choose from in Asheville, consider staying with us at The Orchard Inn in Saluda. Not only do our guests love our hospitable service and cozy rooms but our amazing restaurant as well, Newman’s. We serve you breakfast each morning and also offer dinner as well as Sunday brunch to our guests as well as to our locals. Mix and mingle with Saluda natives and swap stories about how you enjoyed eating Asheville while you were here. Contact our helpful staff today and let us plan your eating Asheville trip today.

Photo by: anoldent