Looking for Weekend Getaways from Charlotte, NC?

weekend getaways from Charlotte, NCWhen you live in a big city, like Charlotte, the daily grind and hassle that is associated with life can eventually wear on all of us. Many of us spend a few moments here and there and think about something else we would rather be doing than working. For most of us, the perfect cure to our everyday troubles is just a little holiday away from it all. Where you go really depends on your personality but getting back to nature is usually our top pick. Fortunately for those of you who are looking for weekend getaways from Charlotte, NC where you want to try something completely different in your life, then you only need to look a few hours away across the state. Why not come see us in the Saluda area? We at Orchard Inn, in Saluda, have visitors from all over, including those who are looking for weekend getaways from Charlotte, NC, and we love helping them navigate our area. Here are our suggestions for things to do and places to visit when planning your weekend getaways from Charlotte, NC.

Asheville, NC

Asheville is the perfect place for those of you who are looking for weekend getaways from Charlotte, NC who want a perfect balance between city and country. In Asheville, there are so many things to do it will be hard to fit them all in one weekend. There are amazing restaurants that are completely committed to using only the best ingredients that are grown in Asheville. There are fantastic museums to visit. One to note in Asheville that you may not see in other towns is the aSHEville Museum. This is a great place to find out culturally how women and girls were raised and treated all over the world throughout history. They have amazing exhibits and classes. If you enjoy the outdoors, don’t think that the town of Asheville is limited in that regard. Asheville is home to some of the best trails around, including a close hike in and around the Appalachian Trail. There are also zip line tours that will give you a wonderful birds eye view of the mountains as well as the underlying nature. All in all, Asheville is a great choice when thinking about weekend getaways from Charlotte, NC.

Saluda, NC

Saluda is a fantastic choice for those considering weekend getaways from Charlotte, NC and are craving a more quiet place. Saluda is a smaller town that also has delicious restaurants and plenty of things to do, however, our residents love spending their time outside and so we tend to recommend places to hike, falls to see, and the best way to see it all. Since most of us like hiking with a buddy, why not bring your furry best friend? Pulliam Creek Trail is a great place for you and your pup to get a great workout. It’s a moderate 6.5 miles that will show you the best views of our mountains and streams. While you are here, be sure to also check out our nearby vineyards. While not many people think of this area for wine, the land has given us some of the most delectable vintages. In nearby Tryon, visit Overmountain Vineyards where they have 5 varietals to choose from. Stay for lunch and enjoy a bottle of wine while enjoying the fresh air and the gorgeous views.

Whether you choose Asheville or Saluda for your weekend getaways from Charlotte, NC consider staying with us at Orchard Inn. We have rooms as well as cottages to choose from and each of them are impeccably decorated to fit the style and taste of the area, as well as ensure maximum comfort. While you are here, you will be greeted each morning with a delicious homemade breakfast. Why not conclude your day with us as well and enjoy dinner at our own Newman’s Restaurant? Contact our fabulous staff today and book one of your many weekend getaways from Charlotte, NC with us.

Photo by: Wendy