Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area is a Great Place to Be Outside

Mountain Bridge Wilderness AreaFor some of us, we have an adventurous spirit. We can only be tamed for so long until we have to go out and explore. This is a wonderful and fun quality to have. These people have the best stories and others love having them in their lives. When you think about staying at a B&B, like The Orchard Inn, most think that it is a quiet trip but this does not have to be the case. There is so much to explore in and around Saluda, NC that this is a wanderer’s dream. One place that some may not have heard of to explore is the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area. Even the name sounds fun. Want to learn more about it? Read on to find out all about what makes the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area such a fun place to get lost.

The Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area is located just across the border from us near Cleveland, SC. There are two state parks that you can use to get to the area, Caesar’s Head and Jones Gap. Either one is fantastic, it all is just where you are coming from. The Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area is around 50,000 acres across these two parks. Once you enter in the area, you will be amazed at what you will see and find while you are there.

Obviously the first thing that you are going to want to do is hit the hiking trails. Before you do, be sure you have a map. One thing that some hikers have said is that it can be easy to get lost. Not all of the trails are well worn in or maintained well so it can get a tad confusing. Also be sure to stick to trails that you know you can handle. There are some that are considered advanced, so just be sure to know what you are getting into. If you are looking for the ultimate experience, check out the Ultimate Loop. It is strenuous but will give you some of the best views of South Carolina. While you are on the loop you will pass by multiple streams and waterfalls.

While you are at Caesars Head, be sure to check out their other amenities. They have fishing in the Middle Saluda River, and the Matthews and Julian creeks. Make sure you have a valid SC fishing license first. If you love to geocache, there are a few in Caesars Head so write down the coordinates before you head out. One thing that many hikers comment on in this area is the birds. There are so many different kinds of birds to see that it can be a stunning time.

As you can see, a trip to the mountains doesn’t always mean that you have to reel in your adventurousness. A day being outside is always a day well spent. When visitors think about spending some time at the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, they like to stay with us at The Orchard Inn. There is something that is nice when you spend the day in nature and then come back and unwind with a fantastic dinner at our in house restaurant, Newman’s. After a filling meal, you will be lulled to sleep in our luxurious beds listening to the sounds of nature also going to sleep. Be sure to keep a window open on a nice night. When you are ready to unplug from life, grab your favorite friend and spend the weekend with us at The Orchard Inn. Contact our wonderful staff today to book an adventure filled trip with us and at the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area.

Photo by: Hiking the Carolinas