Try Our Favorite Restaurants

Asheville RestaurantsPlanning a trip away can be a very fun task. Thinking about where you are going to stay, what activities are going to fill your day as well as where you are going to eat can be exciting. While Saluda, NC might be a small town, there are enough restaurants that can keep your belly full and your palate begging for more. We at The Orchard Inn enjoy recommending restaurants for our guests that we think they will love. Let us go through our top 4 favorite restaurants to help you decide where you should eat.

The first favorite in our list  is The Purple Onion. The name alone conjures up thoughts of farmlands and fresh food. The Purple Onion delivers just that. They are located in historic Saluda and offer indoor and outdoor seating. Open for lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch, The Purple Onion can accommodate any time of day as well as other health concerns with their gluten free menu. Their menu inspiration comes from local dishes as well as afar with an emphasis on the healthy and freshness of the Mediterranean. They have several farmers that they work with all who do their best to bring the diners the freshest food available. One special thing to keep in mind with The Purple Onion is their musical line up. They have live music Thursdays and Saturdays this August. 

The Saluda Grade Café is another top choice for restaurants. Also located in historic Saluda, they strive to serve quality food in an upscale, yet casual, atmosphere. Their menu features classics with a twist including crab cakes with wasabi tartar and cucumber relish. For those of you who love comfort food you will be in heaven with their classic meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy. If you have any heath concerns, you can request to have your meal made gluten free and there are vegan options as well.

While staying at The Orchard Inn, why not only walk a few feet to one of the best restaurants around? The in-house restaurant at The Orchard Inn is superb. While they have an excellent dinner menu, they are truly known for their amazing Sunday brunch. Locals and visitors alike flock to The Orchard Inn to taste their rotating season menu that uses only the freshest ingredients available for that time of year. For the summer, the chef prepares a menu of rosemary popovers with honey butter, a choice of 4 different entrees and 2 decadent desserts. Always check out their ever evolving menu.

When in the South, eat as the Southerns do. When it comes to BBQ, Green River Bar-B-Que is the best that Saluda, NC restaurants has to offer. They offer not only BBQ but chicken ribs, smoked turkey, sandwiches and seafood as well. If you happen to be out and about with your favorite furry friend, feel free to bring them in to their “Barking Lot”. In a hurry? Not a problem at Green River Bar-B-Que. They have many menu options available to bring home with you.

As you can see, the restaurants here in Saluda do not lack in flair or taste. When booking a room at The Orchard Inn, be sure to ask our knowledgeable staff about these or any other local restaurants.

Photo by: The Orchard Inn